SBC community says “No” to extrajudicial killings; prayer and moment of silence offered

To every Bridgetine , 3 PM is a sacred time devoted for Divine Mercy prayer. But starting August 25, the day the school president’s memorandum No.8 was released, 3 PM is also a time for Bridgetines to show their opposition  to the consistent surge in number of extrajudicial killings.

At 3 PM while the bell is ringing, the SBC community in unison with the members of the Association of Major Religious Superiors (AMRS) in the Philippines, stops to pray and offer a moment of silence to show its support to the stand of AMRS on extrajudicial killings.

In the official statement released by AMRS, their members acknowledged their active role in being a visible and a prophetic voice in participating in social life, in working for the common good.

As stated, “It is this role that we exercise when we look around at what has been happening in our country in these past two months: we have seen a consistent surge in the number of extrajudicial killings, now about a thousand and counting. Most of these deaths are related to the problem of illegal drugs – alleged drug pushers or users being put to death in the name of “vigilante” justice, but all these bereft of warrant of arrest or proof of guilt. “

Through they support the government crusade against the very serious problem of illegal drugs in the country, they are alarmed at the continued extrajudicial killings which seem to go unchecked, without trial or investigation.

They stressed that the silence of the government, groups and majority of the people in the face of these killings leads to a culture of impunity. Adding that evil prospers where good men are silent.

This they end their official statement, “As religious and consecrated persons, we believe in the sacredness of human like because its Author is God and that no one has the right to take the life of anyone except God.” We also believe that in the government of the state, the wheels of justice should take their course following the proper procedure within the bounds of the law.

– Rob Jared Viceral