Bridgetine Math whiz grabs bronze (12th International Mathematics Competition)

“Whatever I get, I know it is God’s plan, so I will just accept it,” uttered the Bridgetine Math Wizard before the awarding ceremony commenced.

Ethan Lestat Tiongson, a grade 6 pupil, reaped the bronze medal in the 12th International Mathematics Competition held in the Institute of Technical Education Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, July 29 – 31.

The Philippine team where Tiongson is a member is composed of 363 delegates from the elementary and junior high school division. The Philippine team brought home 26 gold none of which were from Upper Primary, 50 silver and 132 bronze medals. The Philippines emerged as the most bemedaled country in the said competition with 208 medals and 120 merit awards.

More than 1000 students from 12 countries participated in the competition including China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore.

Tiongson followed the footsteps of a fellow Bridgetine, Mark Ranielle Cueto who also won in the IMC. Like Cueto, Tiongson had undergone three stages of training which were facilitated by Mathematics Trainers Guild. The first in the Mathematical Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program (MCFKTP), which took place over 12 Saturdays and was held in Tanauan City. Tiongson bagged the 3rd honors in the said program. He also attended the Young Mathematicians’ In-House Intensive Training Program for further scrutiny. Finally, the student attended the Mathematics Olympiad Summer Training Program at Hope Christian School in Manila for further training.

Meanwhile, Lara Athena F. Recuenco, a grade 3 pupil was also a recipient of merit award in the International Mathematics Challenge Wizards in Bangkok Thailand, July 20 – 24.

– Ethan Lestat Tiongson