“Prove that we are not only educated persons but Christians who have a compassionate heart always ready to lend a helping hand, and responsible citizens who care for others, our country, and our environment”.

            Thus said by Jianne Lora Perez as she led 432 Junior High School Level completers in the 3rd Annual Moving Up Ceremony with the theme “Children of God: Journeying Together in Discipleship” at the St. Bridget College Gymnasium, Batangas City, May 8.

Perez, president of 10-Courage and oftentimes a representative for contests outside of the school, stated her utmost surprise when she was called as the top of the batch and mentioned as well the pressure and the struggles she carried on her shoulders towards her goal.

“It was really overwhelming because I became pressured due to the fact that my classmates and friends have always supported me and wanted me to be the batch’s valedictorian, but at the same time happy, too, because there were people who believed that I could. This victory is not only mine, but it is also shared by those who rooted for me,” she explained.

Furthermore, Sheena Mae Comia was recognized as Rank 2, while Ayen Shelpel Herrera and Justine Mae Matugas were Ranks 3 and 4, respectively. Franz Aren Reyes was Rank 5; Herzie Ann Alea, Rank 6. Anne Gwyneth Reyes, Lady Charlene Disacula, Miguel Honorio Reyes and Kristine Rhel Biscocho garnered the Ranks 7, 8, 9 and 10 respectively.

Moreover, Mrs. Kristine Jabat was awarded for her 10 years of service, Mrs. Rossana Bagon for her 20 years of service, and Miss Cynthia Domingo for her 25 years of service.