Bio Majors provide avenue for innovations in Science Teaching

To enhance knowledge on the current trends in Science education, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Biological Science (BSEd Bio) organized a Seminar on Science Teaching held at Sr. Mary Morrissey Hall, St. Bridget College, Feb. 2.

With the theme “Pedagogies in Science Education,” Mr. Celso Zara, M.A., Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Trainer imparted his knowledge and expertise in Science education.

Mr. Zara focused on interdisciplinary contextualization and ways of improving instructions in teaching Science and other subjects.

“Contextualization is understood as a way to bring teaching-learning closely to students’ realities, and as a prerequisite in addressing the content and organization of activities to be undertaken in the classroom. By helping students to relate the educational tasks with their knowledge and everyday experiences, curricular contextualization facilitates the linking of theory and practice,” stressed Mr. Zara.

Moreover, he emphasized the need to provide different innovative activities that consider the atmosphere of a total learning package.

“The use of interconnection of human knowledge in developing students holistically is important especially nowadays that the millennial are becoming monsters of today’s environment. With that, the teachers should modify their teaching strategies and techniques to adapt to the current trends in global education,” he added.

Furthermore, he underscored the ways to address some of the recurring problems in education, such as fragmentation and isolated skill instruction.

“4C’s (Communication, Cooperation, Critical thinking and Creativity) are the main aspects of teaching that every educator must develop. These will elicit transfer of learning, teach students to think and reason, and provide a curriculum that is more relevant to students,” he concluded.

Workshop on contextualization of activities in the learning plans was conducted orally after the talk.

  • Julie Ann Barquilla, BSEd3