Symposium highlights climate change

Aspiring to deepen the awareness of the students on major environmental issues, League of Individuals for Environment (LIFE) sponsored a forum on climate change at SBC Multi-Purpose Hall, Jan. 19.

Vina Marina S. Maranan, training officer at City Disaster Risks Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO), the resource speaker, enumerated the causes of climate change particularly the human contributions that worsen the damage of the environment. She also underscored the activities such as energy, agriculture, forestry, transportation, industry and waste that emit dangerous greenhouse gases which further degrade our environmental condition.

Moreover, she highlighted the ways on how to prevent climate change: get involved, be energy efficient, choose renewable power,  eat wisely, trim your waste, fly less, get informed, green your commute, and support and donate.

In the end, she reminded the students of the actions that can help in reducing the impact of climate change such as practicing the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), advocating and participating in the green projects, discipline on throwing the garbage, and patronizing the usage of eco friendly materials.

The seminar concluded with an open forum.

  • May Ann Abdon, BSEd3