College Bridgetines attend Seminar on Effective Communication

With the theme, “The Role of Effective Communication in Career Empowerment,” college students attended a seminar about effective communication at SBC Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium, Sept. 21.

Rona May Lim, a contributor of Regional Training Center-Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, resource speaker, shared her knowledge about communicating effectively. She emphasized the importance of English language in different fields and gave tips on how to be a successful and effective communicator of the language.

She also discussed the different barriers in effective communication and imparted pieces of advice on how to become a competent person. Lim highlighted that communication becomes effective only if people listen, understand and collaborate.

Moreover, she prepared some activities which enhanced the students’ grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

In addition to this, she challenged everyone to say the world’s hardest tongue twister.

Lim ended the seminar with a quotation of Mary Kay Ash, “If you think you can, YOU CAN! And if you think you can’t, YOU’RE RIGHT!” which served as a motivation for students to believe that they can accomplish things through positive thinking and valuable effort.

Chosen Senior High School representatives also attended the said seminar.


-Abigail Mayate, BSEd 1