Arch. Garcera: Catholic Education is always a tool to lead us to Christ

With their yellow and white flaglets raised, the whole St. Bridget College community warmly received Archbishop Gillbert Garcera on his Pastoral Visit, August 15.

The Pastoral visit was intended to know the situations of different parishes as well as to evaluate the state of Catholic schools under the Archdiocese of Lipa.

The celebration started off with the welcoming remarks of Sr. Mary Clare Bagot, RGS. She introduced the institution through telling its history, on how SBC was formed. It was then followed by the speech of the Archbishop.

On his speech, Archbishop Garcera expressed his deepest gratitude to the institution and the school administration for the warm approach. He also introduced his delegations, as well as his reason for choosing SBC on his visit.

“You should thank the RGS sisters,” he said. “You are the school that is nearest to the church of Pope Francis because the Basilica is a church of Pope Francis.”

Moreover, he also highlighted the relevance of Catholic education as a tool in enlightening minds and leading all to Christ.

He expressed how the students are fortunate enough to experience the culture of encounter- the encounter with Jesus and one another.

Be grateful sapagkat maraming mga kabataan ang hindi nag-aaral, pinag-aral pero walang pinag-aralan, at mga kabataan na hindi na-experience ang encounter with Jesus.”

Furthermore, he stated that he was not the only one visiting, but along with him is the Holy Father and Jesus as well. He also put significance on how each one has its own angels that would lead one to the light who is the Lord.

Moreover, after the speech, several students from all departments and some faculty staffs were chosen to have lunch with the Archbishop and other priests.

 “Sa una, nakakakaba nang kaunti kasi sa dinami-dami ay kayo lang yung napili, tapos ang daming pari, pero ayos naman, sobrang blessed.” Malonie Austria, one of the Senior High students chosen, stated.

The lunch was filled with conversations regarding the institution’s system, its different programs, and the profile of students regarding their actions in various activities such as religious involvements within and outside the school. SBC was the 30th school that have been visited by the Archbishop.

-J-Zel Bacal