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llv One SBC! It is our dream. It is the school administration resolution to integrate our Basic Education and now it is happening. The school has one set of administration for our Grade School and High School. Our curriculum is enhanced, continuous, spiral and carefully articulated from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 10 and eventually until Grade 12. It is no longer called Elementary or High school but Integrated Basic Education level.  Our faculty members are labelled as Basic Education faculty. We now have the Senior High School level. We are anticipating a two-year no enrollment gap in our college department. In these two years, we are challenged to be more creative and we plan for more innovations in the college department to make it more competitive. As one SBC we shall weave dreams and hand in hand we shall strive.

Our main goal as a Catholic school is to remain steadfast to the expectation of the Church — that of providing Catholic education and to transform the future through innovative Catholic education. We continue to share responsibility for the social, political and cultural development of our society through our Good Shepherd sisters, students, faculty and staff, parents and alumni and our adopted communities. This is our way of taking part in the pastoral care of families emphasizing respect, compassion and reconciliation, more particularly those special cases of students who come from the vulnerable and broken up families. Our dream is to become inclusive and not to miss anyone, every child, every family that enter into our school and is willing to be guided by us. Of course, finance is a source of difficulty for us. We understand that some parents are having difficulty in sending their children to our school and this poses a serious threat to our survival-affecting our recruitment and retention of the best teachers. Nonetheless, we keep our faith in God, that with our mission clear to us, our parents will be blessed so that together, we can keep our partnership intact. More than just the technical and practical aspects of education, St. Bridget College stands for “faith, culture and life” in harmony and the wholeness of the human person. We stand firm in our conviction to impart a solid Catholic formation to our learners.

The utmost desire of my heart is that we may all continue to set the light we ignited in St. Bridget College ablaze as we persist to be bearers of love, mercy, justice and compassion to others.

This school website is a conduit for caring communication. My pride and joy to see that our school website has been enhanced for promotion of creative collaboration among the school stakeholders!

May this gift of technological advancement be utilized for such noble purpose.

In Jesus the Good Shepherd,


Sr. Mary Bernadette Guzman, RGS, PhD.
School President