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      The Philippine education is continuously facing comprehensive transformations in terms of goals, focus, methods and framework to make education in the country more relevant and abreast with the global demand. With all the initiatives of the government in improving the quality of education in the country, St. Bridget College as a Catholic academic institution is not left behind in keeping up with all the challenges in the world of academe.

       As we integrate the Basic Education in S.Y. 2016-2017, we have one common vision of providing a transformative Catholic Education. We are true in our Vision and Mission of developing Bridgetines who are spiritually guided Christians, brilliant beacons of academic excellence and individuals of outstanding character that bring an extra ordinary impact on the larger community.

       May the spirit of the Good Shepherd be with us as we continue to be a living legacy of our dear school, St. Bridget College.

    Luceat Lux Vestra!!

    Mrs. Rossana Perez-Bagon
    IBEd Principal


  • Personnel

    SY 2017-2018
    Rossana P. Bagon
    Assistant Principal
    Jesabel A. Medina
    Administrative Staff
    Fe Carolina R. Aclan
    Irene F. Fetalvero
    Joy D. Nuñez
    Alex D. Ebora
    Lelibeth G. Valdez
    Academic Coordinators
    Marita A. Castillo
    Maila R. Buhat
    Lea B. Abacan
    Mayette R. Abante
    Daisy C. Aguda
    Sabina D. Marasigan
    Marieta J. Suarez
    Monina P. Gato
    Diosa B. Dimaunahan
    Socorro M. Lalap
    Lenard C. Atienza
    Evangeline S. Buenafe
    Phol John D. Enriquez
    Academic Non-Teaching Coordinators
    Prefect of Discipline
    Melba P. Comendador (Elem)
    Nora P. Cabatay (JHS)
    Chief Librarian
    Marissa C. Agtay
    Loida R. Fabregas (Elem)
    Marilyn S. Malibiran
    Julie Ann C. Buño (JHS)
    Daniel T. Balasta
    Rosa C. Balmes
    Irene S. Hufana
    Josefina Montalbo (Elem)
    April D. Masangkay
    Cristina M. Narzoles
    Julieta R. Medrano (JHS)
    Darwin D. Lobaton
    Ellen M. Merida
    Head of the Guidance Office
    Grace Lorraine E. Pelingon
    Guidance Counselor
    Ronalyn F. Manalo
    Guidance Counselor (Elem)
    Agnes I. Casao
    Maria Isabel P. Tolentino
    Guidance Counselor (JHS)
    Carlos A. Flores III
    Lara Dianne D. Magtibay
    Gladwyn A. Silva
    Guidance Staff
    Luz C. Dimaunahan
    Student  Activity Program Coordinators
    Julieta D. Medrano (Elem)
    Garry L. Siyangbigay (JHS)
    Computer/AVR Technician
    Reynaldo C. Aguinaldo (Elem)
    Adi U. Borillo (JHS)
    Joel C. Real
    TLE Custodian/Science Laboratory Technician
    Christian E. Fortus
    Elementary Level

    Princess C. abdon
    Olga V. Aclan
    Camille F. Aguda
    Wilma B. Andal
    Maria Anabel S. Arellano
    Evelyn C. Babao
    Jenn Mariz A. Blanco
    Irene R. Briobo
    Marites D. Briones
    Maxima D. Catral
    Fernando R. Cultura
    Maricel C. Cultura
    Angeline P. Dalisay
    Melani D. Dalisay
    Ederly C. De Castro
    Isabel E. De Castro
    Vanessa M. De Castro
    Jennifer C. Delgado
    Lhea D. Delgado
    Cristine F. Duño
    Roxanne C. Ebreo
    Rosana Lee P. Fadriquelan
    Faustino Jr. F. Fajilan
    Roxanne A. Fanoga
    Lea A. Flores
    Jessica G. Flotado
    Florelyn B. Frane
    Melanie A. Garcia
    Christine Joy G. Hernandez
    Hazel Liza Marie C. Hong
    Lea C. Ilagan
    Jennielyn D. Intac
    Baby Ruth B. Isla
    Avegail C. Javier
    Liza H. Larosa
    Divine Grace A. Lausin
    Roselyn G. Macatangay
    Ceres C. Magtibay
    Rubie C. Malata
    Merry Rose E. Manalo
    Rosenie C. Manalo
    Francelene I. Mandani
    Fermina D. Marasigan
    Pauline P. Marasigan
    Arlene B. Montalbo
    Kristene M. Mores
    Janice A. Pevidal
    Rhoda V. Ramos
    Emma A. Ronquillo
    Janneth R. Sunto
    Jessa Joy H. Villano
    Eden Grace A. Villena
    Marcel M. Volante
    Rosemarie H. Wagan

    Junior Highschool Level

    Ailyn E. Abando
    Catherine C. Aclan
    Sayra B. Aclan
    Maria Leonor D. Asilo
    Shirlie G. Ayalin
    Christine C. Balmaceda
    R-Jay D. Bool
    Gina A. Carag
    Tessa Marie D. Castillo
    Carl Angelo Cuevas
    Gengky S. De Castro
    Estefane O. De Chavez
    Mara Jean C. Delocado
    Mary Ann A. Deocareza
    Noreleen D. Dimaano
    Cynthia L. Domingo
    Graciele M. Eligion
    Mary Joy G. Guache
    Almabida A. Hatulan
    John Mark E. Hermedilla
    Desiree A. Ilagan
    Paul Vincent M. Ilagan
    Sheryl A. Ilagan
    Kristine P. Jabat
    Kristine D. Lagunday
    Nojah Elaine C. Landicho
    Jessa D. Lipat
    Angelica Fee A. Liwag
    Geselle Lopez
    Jovita M. Lualhati
    Jayson E. Macalalad
    Nelberth D. Magbanua
    Haidee A. Magmanlac
    Gemma M. Manalo
    Loreta R. Mendoza
    Fatima A. Noble
    Maria Isabel E. Orayan
    Joshua D. Parsaso
    Jonathan M. Perez
    Windle M. Perez
    Jonelyn m. Ramos
    Alvine A. Ramirez
    Leila E. Ramirez
    Ray Ann U. Rayos
    Jessalyn F. Sayno
    Mary Joy C. Siscar
    Katrina Marie E. Villena

    Maintenance Staff
    Teresita M. Apacible
    Leovino B. Arellano
    Dominador M. Dimaano
    Melvin M. Escoton
    Daisy R. Ibon
    Joshua M. Perez
    Florendo L. Sulit
    Yolanda A. Curato
    Joel Diasanta
    Geronimo R. Ochoa
    Elisa P. Silang



    1. Kinder applicants are admitted after they have passed the admission test administered by the Guidance Office. The admission test is administered in the month of December. The actual test scores of the applicant are confidential and are not released to the parents.
    2. Transferees for the grade levels are admitted only if there are slots and if they have passed the admission test given by the guidance office.


    1. For all incoming pupils:
      1. Present original copy of birth certificate and submit 2 photocopies (for file)
      2. Present original copy of baptismal certificate and submit 1 photocopy
      3. One recent 1×1 colored  ID picture to be attached to the application form
      4. Complete the application form.
    2. For transferees:
      1. Same as letter A (1, 2, 3)
      2. Certificate of good moral character
      3. Xerox copy of the latest grades available
    3. For foreign students: a copy of the (ACR) Alien Certification Requirement
      For further inquiries, please see or call the Registrar’s Office, Tel. No. 702-7726


    St. Bridget College students who have transferred to another school but seek readmission are treated as new students. They should go through the procedure for admission.