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       With grateful hearts, we warmly welcome you to St. Bridget College Senior High School!

       Having been entrusted as the Officer- in- Charge as brought about by my previous assignment as the overall seer of the Senior High School planning and preparations, I, sincerely am thankful for the support of the school Board of Trustees and the entire St. Bridget College pool of leadership and management.

       The planning and preparations for Grade 11 and Grade 12 Senior High school levels took a long and hard time for the institution. We appreciated very much the best effort extended with genuine love and concern by the K to 12 Transition Team of the school particularly the Senior High Team. We value the trust and confidence our parents and students have placed in us by choosing us for their senior high school education.

       SBC- SHS is uncompromising in its commitment to bring the standard of St. Bridget College a notch higher through the additional Senior High School level. We hope to remain steadfast to our pledge for high quality education and sustained Catholic formation to ensure that parents and children and the community at large benefit from SBC education of the highest standard. Our goal is to create well-rounded students who know their strength. We are here to help them find their strengths and unleash their potentials to equip them for life dedicated to becoming men and women for others. Our target is to develop among them basic life skills, business skills, social competence skills, learning and innovation skills, technology skills and inculcate Good Shepherd spirituality—all necessary to prepare them holistically for this modern life.

       This school website serves as a platform where we can share the SBC-SHS efforts in keeping with our commitment.

       We are looking forward to a sustainable advancement of the institution and the Senior High School in particular.

       May Jesus the Good Shepherd continue to bless the institution with inspiration and reserves.

       In the heart of Jesus and Mary,


    Dr. Dolores D. Borras

  • Senior High School Personnel

     S.Y. 2018-2019


    Dr. Dolores D. Borras

    Academic Coordinators

    Daisy C. Aguda – STEM

    Maria Grace Contreras – ABM

    Angelito Jareño – HUMSS

    Academic Non-Teaching Coordinators

    Geraldin A. Vergara – Student Affairs Coordinator

    Grace Lorraine E. Pelingon – Head of the Guidance Office

    Julieta R. Medrano – Registrar

    Marissa C. Agtay – Chief Librarian


    Full Time

    Fatima R. Aclan
    Fe S. Babao
    Lea Chariz A. Castillo
    Mark Angelo R. Dilay
    Kaycelyn B. Frane
    Pamela Rose A. Garcia
    Jonalyn M. Ortiz
    Gladys P. Pareja
    Isidro C. Pelingon


    Berna Grace Adame
    Earl Anain
    Edwin B. Castillote
    Lhea Cleofe
    Benjie Fajarito
    Vanessah B. Rosas
    Reniel L. Landicho
    Kim Nicole Reyes

    Administrative Staff

    Mary Grace A. Rivera

    Registrar’s Staff

    Alexza M. Planas

    Library Staff

    Luisito B. Clanor

    Maintenance Staff

    Myrna P. Fabonan

    John Ruzzel C. Zehmer

    Benjamin A. Ramos


    A. Requirements
    1. Incoming Grade 11 Students
    Must passed the placement test in his chosen strand given by the guidance office.
    They are required to submit the following;

    a. Report Card (original copy)
    b. Baptismal Certificate (original and photocopy)
    c. Birth certificate (original and photocopy)

     2. Transferees
    Must passed the admission test given by the guidance office. They are required to submit the following:

    a. Report Card (original copy)
    b. Baptismal Certificate (original and photocopy)
    c. Birth Certificate (original and photocopy)
    d. Certificate of good moral character
    e. Transfer of credential or honorable dismissal

    B. Enrolment Procedure

    Grade 11 Students

    1. Interview and Placement Exam
    2. Submission of requirements and registration form to the Registrar’s Office
    3. Present the forms to the Advisor, then to the Assessor and have them checked by the assigned Checker.
    4. Pay all fees and books to the Finance Office.
    5. Get books from the teacher-in-charge.

    Grade 12 Students

    1. Present Report Card
    2. Submit the pre-registration form to the advisor and then to the Assessor and Checker
    3. Pay all fees and books to the Finance Office.
    4. Get books from the teacher.