SBC president reveals projects for SY 2019-2020

            Facing the expectant new parents of the Integrated Basic Education Department, SBC School president, Sr. Mary Clare Bagot, RGS, revealed projects for the year during the orientation of new parents at SBC Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium, June 19.

            After extending her warm welcome to parents of Pre-Kinder pupils, Grade 7 students and transferees, Sr. Clare shared the developments in the facilities of the school.

            “With regards to facilities, we tried to meet the demands of our students and mission partners. The renovation and extension of the gymnasium started in April 2019 with the target project completion of three months, “ Sr. Clare shared to the parents.

            She also announced the buy out of the canteen and its turnover on April 16, 2019. Furthermore, she said that food carts will be placed in the upper area of the canteen to decongest the students during recess and lunch break.

            “The extension of the canteen at the back of Mary Victory building will provide more eating place for all,” she added.

            Aside from these two ongoing projects, she also announced that SBC Bookstore will also be put up in order to centralize the selling of the school’s merchandise like school supplies, P.E. and school uniforms.

            After the message of the school president, Mrs. Rossana Bagon, IBED principal also presented the vision and mission of the school and explained its connection to the existing policies and activities of the department. She emphasized that as a Catholic evangelizing educational institution, SBC aims to develop ideal Bridgetines who excel academically and ready to be men and women for others.

            Mrs. Jesabel Medina, assistant principal, discussed the existing curriculum and assessment in the IBED. She shared to the parents that SBC offers an enriched K to 12 curriculum with the following offerings: Christian Living and Values Education subject, add on competencies, special programs like Independent Reading Program (IRP) and Mathscore, robotics, computer an specialized TLE courses for Grades 9 and 10.  Mr. Noel Bathan of Scholastics, provider of IRP and Ms. Algilyn Dolotina of Mathscore, explained the benefits of their respective programs.

Mrs. Grace Lorraine Pelingon, head of the guidance office, gave an overview of the guidance program while Mrs. Julieta Macalalad, Student Activity Program Coordinator, presented the existing clubs for this school year.

Institutional Culture and Arts Program and Repertory Brigid entertained the new parents in their respective production numbers.