Internationalization – SBC’s next goal to enhance its culture of research

Linkages to professional research and internationalization are St. Bridget College’s (SBC) next goals to fulfill after having realizing its dream of holding a research forum, July 12, 2019.

“It is a beginning step to enrich the culture of research in our institution, to give importance not only in the higher education but also in basic education, “ SBC President Sr. Mary Clare Bagot, RGS, said in her opening remarks for SBC’s 1st Research Forum: Strengthening Research Endeavors and Opportunities across Disciplines held at Mary Dominica Function Hall, SME Building.

Eight groups from the college department presented their researches with topics including assessment of student services program, faculty development needs, and college readiness of the 1st Year College Students. Studies on the implementation of gender mainstreaming and multicultural education in the institution were also shared during the event.

Dr. Imelda B. Vergara, Mrs. Lea Abacan, and Dr. Amor L. Borbon presented their individual researches on Synergy in trifold functions of higher education institutions, role of religion on the ecological awareness among the students of the institution, and Outcomes-based Education, respectively.

“It’s a great initiative from the college department for the institution,” Abacan said. It is indeed, she added, the glory which is still “ours.’ Students and faculty researchers all aim for possible engagement in inter-school research for linkages to professional research organizations and internationalization. “The synergy… working together should be evident not only in this event. We hope that we can collectively utilize these researches for they would be a wonderful contribution to our institution,” Vergara said.

By Charmaine Marie Nuqui