Leader Shepherds equip themselves with IPHONE

By Lou Austin Cuenza, BSED 2

Integrity, Proactivity, Humility, Objectivity, Nobility and Excellence are the principles of leaders with character as discussed during the LS Leadership Training held at Villa Marines Resort, Ibaan, Batangas last September 14, 2019.

With the theme “iLead: SBC “Shepherd, Believe, Collaborate” the guest facilitator, Nelberth Magbanua, organized series of discussions and activities that united and strengthened the leadership skills of the leader shepherds. The program started with an ice breaker “Walk and Stop” that highlighted the questions “What is leadership?” and “Who is the great leader you have known?”.

The activity highlighted self-leadership, character and personality, principles of a good leader and the essence of IPHONE.

“It was leading oneself first before going our and leading others. It was an inside out leadership that starts within you before sharing it to you constituents.” – Nelberth Magbanua The event also paved way to planning of activities for the present school year and team building activities which strengthened the bond of the Leader Shepherds.

ALL FOR ONE. Showcasing their unity and cooperation as a team, a group of Leader Shepherds helping one of their members hand in hand to reach her dream written in a small piece of paper. -HAZEL BISCOCHO