In celebration of St. John Eudes’ feast day, students, teachers, and staff of St. Bridget College honored priests from different parishes, August 7, 2017.

A holy spirit mass was celebrated in the morning inside the SBC Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium. The mass celebrant was Msgr. Ruben Dimaculangan. After the mass, a mini program initiated by the Performing Arts Office talents was held. The ICAP members performed medleys with their stringed instruments. Thereafter, an inspirational and interpretative dance was performed by the Repertory Brigid. It was followed by a dance presentation of the SBC Dance Troupe. A song and dance number was also presented by the members of the Repertory Brigid in line with their 10th year anniversary. A priest was also invited to perform on stage. The students inside the auditorium were entertained by the performances.

After the mini program, a Meet-and-Greet with the guest priests happened in the SBC Gymnasium which was prepared by the Senior High School students. To feel the ambiance of the Priests’ Day celebration, questions were asked to the guest priests, Fr. Gerry Orbos, Fr. Romy Barrion, and Fr. John de Castro. They answered each question perceptively and they included life lessons for the students to remember.

A presentation of the LAMB Band coming from the Grade 11 STEM students was performed. It was followed by the dance number prepared by the Grade 12 students of the STEM strand. Afterwards, the ABM Barcodes presented an exciting dance performance. Last but not the least, a song and dance number coming from the selected HUMSS students were performed.

The priests were invited to give their final messages to the students. Fr. John took the floor and sang a song to express his gratitude. Fr. Gerry shared jokes which made an impact to the audience. Fr. Romy showed his appreciation through kind words that left a mark to the students.

Priests’ Day is a day to commemorate the priests who helped people grow deeper in faith. In return, all the prepared gifts and performances by the students served as a way for the SBC Community to show their deepest gratitude.