Parenting Webinar strengthens resiliency in families amidst pandemic

Teresa Claire Agtay

St. Bridget College – College Department and Senior High School Level jointly held a parenting webinar through Microsoft Teams live last October 3 to talk about the roles of parents in this time of uncertainty and way to build resiliency among family members, with the theme “Parenting and Family resilience”.

The said webinar was conducted by Mr. Jeronimo L. Perez, a former priest turned soft skills trainer and social media influencer and former Executive Director of the GMA Kapuso Foundation, as the main speaker.

“The role of parents in this time of pandemic is really very important in the well-being of their children. Parents need to be involved most especially in their education. Attending parenting sessions would be of great help in knowing about how to raise their children especially their teens and adolescents. This kind of session would inform them of the things they need to do and should do throughout the development of each member of their family,” Mrs. Rona Manalo, the guidance counselor in charge of the event said in a statement.

Mrs. Manalo added that attending in this kind of webinar and event can help parents improve their sense of competency and efficacy when it comes to dealing with different situations and improving their parenting skills.

In the said webinar, Sir Mimo gave three parenting tips to the parents such as being kind to themselves, using their power of choice, and being a loving presence among their families. The webinar aims to spread awareness and knowledge about parenting to a lot of guardians, especially in the midst of online class and this pandemic.

Cabiscuelas bags silver in Spoken Poetry contest

Mary Lou Feliz Torino

SPOKEN POWER. Alliah Erin Cabiscuelas of STEM 7- Mary Consuelo Chuidian receives the certificate and cash prize for winning 2nd place in the Spoken Poetry Contest sponsored by JCI Batangas Caballero, August 31.
(photo posted from facebook – Alliah Cabiscuelas

With the theme, “Kwentong Frontliner sa Panahon ng Pandemya”, Alliah Erin Cabiscuelas of STEM – Sr. Mary Consuelo Chuidian showed excellence in delivering an original spoken poetry piece as she was hailed second last August 31, 2020.

This is the third year run of the spoken poetry contest during the celebration of Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa initiated by Board Member Claudette Ambida along with JCI Batangas Caballero and the Provincial Government of Batangas.

Cabiscuelas stood out as second place from the 16 participants from different public and private schools in Batangas City and received a trophy, cash prize, and an educational assistance from the Provincial Government of Batangas.

Board Member Ambida handed the prizes to her and Mr. John Rey Banlasan, who coached her, last September 4, 2020 in St. Bridget College.

SBC Alumna and former SHEEP President Yoel Lualhati bags JCI’s Youth Leadership Excellence Award

Carlos Kim Raphael Perez

Victory Emmanuelle “Yoel” Lualhati, who served as the SHEEP President last S.Y. 2019-2020, was awarded the Youth Leadership Excellence Award by JCI Batangas Caballero, a nonprofit organization, last July 10, 2020 during the Virtual Youth Leadership Seminar.

She is one of the 25 ‘young and excellent youth leaders’ by JCI for 2020 and was qualified for the award during her tenure as the SHEEP President last school year.

The other youth leaders who bagged the award came from different public and private schools in Batangas City.

Yung mga kasama ko doon, are not just leaders in school but also active leaders in their communities,” she said.

The award is a national award, but recipients were per sector.

Youth leaders from different schools and universities can be eligible for the award.

“The award itself is also a responsibility, since after the awarding we attended another seminar regarding Coral Bleaching,” she clarified.


When asked how the members of the youth today can act as leaders in today’s world, she stated that the youth, particularly the Generation Z, is in a fight against conformity.

“What I meant by conformity is, we are in a fight against traditions that appear to be oppressive,” she stated.

For her, the members of the youth have the power, and they are no longer in the era of not using it. When asked on the youth’s power, she reminded them to “Be strong, assertive, and bold. Most importantly, register and VOTE!”

YOUTH POWER. This is what former SHEEP President and SBC Alumna Yoel Lualhati portrayed enabling her to be awarded JCI’s Youth Leadership Excellence Award on JCI Batangas Caballero’s Virtual Youth Leadership Seminar last July 10, 2020.

SBC SHS opens online classes for the first time in history

Carlos Kim Raphael Perez

Opening of Online Classes

Before public schools across the country were set to open online classes last October 5, 2020, other private schools have already done so, particularly St. Bridget College.

In its very first, the St. Bridget College Senior High School level opened its online classes last August 25, 2020.

Students were warmly welcomed virtually by their respective advisers in their homeroom sessions and afterwards, they are immediately immersed into the virtual discussions with their respective subject teachers.

Activities that are aimed at improving the learning competencies of the students were given by the subject teachers to their students during the first week of online classes.

Online Orientations

Before the formal opening of online classes, online orientations were held from August 12-14, 2020.

Last August 12, an online orientation with the respective class advisers and the administrative team was held in which students had the chance to virtually meet their class advisers and listen to important reminders from the strand coordinators, the prefect of discipline, and the school principal. Two online orientations with subject teachers were held from August 13-14. The students had the chance to know their different subject teachers, plans for the 1st semester, and other important agendas.

SBC SHS celebrates month of the holy rosary virtually

Carlos Kim Raphael Perez

Streaming of the Holy Rosary Celebration And Participants

Last October 29, 2020,  St. Bridget College Senior High school level celebrated the Culmination of the Month of the Holy Rosary through Facebook Live.

Facilitators, other speakers, and sharers who participated in the said celebration used the video conferencing platform Zoom to conduct all activities of the celebration.

Educators and administration staff who served as facilitators in the celebration were Mr. Edwin Castillote, Ms. Lea Chariz Castillo, Mr. Isidro Pelingon, Ms. Jazel Paula Blanco, Mrs. Geraldin Vergara, Dr. Dolores Borras, and others.

The Virtual Celebration

The virtual celebration started with a welcoming message by Dr. Dolores Borras where she highlighted the 3Ps that revolved around the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which were ‘Pakikinig’ or listening, ‘Pananalangin’ or praying, and ‘Pagtalima’ or obeying.

The introduction of the Holy Rosary was led by the Religion and Values Educations instructors, faculty members, and student leaders.

During the praying of the holy rosary, presentations from different sections of the Senior High School level regarding the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary were presented.

On the other hand, the First and Second Luminous Mysteries had sharers who imparted important lessons and experiences regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Rosary.

The first sharer, Kim Abigail Abag from HUMSS, gave an acronym about the Blessed Virgin Mary in which M represented Meaningful, A for Arise, R for Reflect, and Y for Yield.

Mr. John Rey Banlasan, meanwhile, narrated his habit of praying the Holy Rosary when going to school from his home, how he lost the habit because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how his COVID-19 quarantine experience had him hold tightly to his devotion to praying the rosary.

Meanwhile, an inspirational message was given by Sr. Mary Celeste Yuzon, RGS after the praying of the Holy Rosary. In her message, she emphasized how the world will change if the youth will change, and we should never stop in praying the Holy Rosary.

“Kaya, sana, hindi tayo magsawa sa pagdarasal ng ating Santo Rosaryo. Ito ang magdadala sa atin patungo kay Kristo,” Sr. Celeste said. Sr. Mary Clare Bagot, RGS, the School President, concluded the celebration by giving the celebration a final blessing.

CONNECTED THROUGH FAITH. Last October 29, 2020, the senior high school level celebrated the month of the Holy Rosary through the online platform zoom headed by Mr. Edwin Castillote, Ms. Lea Chariz Castillo, Mr. Isidro Pelingon, Ms. Jazel Paula Blanco, Mrs. Geraldin Vergara, and Dr. Dolores Borras, and others.

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