Seniors’ Ball 2018: Toast to the First

Perse Lior J. Evangelio


Senior high students, faculty and administrators showed their elegance while wearing long gowns and tuxedos at the first seniors’ ball happened in Hotel Pontefino, May 18.

The program started at around 7:30pm with a welcoming address from the senior high school officer-in-charge, Dr. Dolores Borras. It was then followed by song numbers from the invited band, various dance performances prepared by the PAO-RB along with some chosen students, a band performance by the Bandaritas composed of Christian Miles Barrion, Miguel Lorenzo Leyva, Raemon Culla, Rex Ebreo and Ryan James Pateña.


Furthermore, attendees also witnessed an audio visual presentation prepared by Katrina Marie Afurong, Click member, that reminisced the memories of the first two years of the senior high school level in St. Bridget College.


Students who displayed beauty, elegance and finesse while wearing their gowns and suits during the Seniors’ Ball were recognized and were hailed as the first Mr. and Ms. Seniors’ Ball. Robby Lane Soliva and Kianne Shane Lirio reigned as the first-ever Mr. and Ms. Seniors’ Ball 2018, Aramis Espina and Maan Magadia snatched the 1st runner up while Paulo Krishtan Persia and Aira Mari Asi were awarded 2nd runner up.


Editors of Lumiere, the official school newspaper of the senior high school level, spearheaded the reading of the prophecy which stated the dreams of each student of the graduating batch. This was followed by a toast to honor the students and their hardships to attain their dreams.


The event also served as the blessing and sending of rites of the first graduating grade 12 students for the school year 2017-2018.

SBC holds Thanksgiving and Recognition Day for Senior High Graduates

Aramis Espina

The Senior High School administration organized thanksgiving and recognition day for graduates of Senior High, held at the Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium, May 15.

The ceremony started after the students along with their parents and guardians have registered. The first part of the program was the opening ceremonies composed of the singing of the National Anthem and a short introduction to the event. An opening remarks was delivered by Dr. Dolores Borras, SHS Officer-in-charge, wherein she pointed out the value of perseverance among the students. This was followed by an introduction of Mrs. Amor Borbon to the Priest-Facilitator Rev. Fr. Daven Castillo, OSJ.

A spiritual talk was conducted afterwards that started with an opening prayer by Mr. Angelito Jareño which was followed by the reading of the scriptural text by Mr. Robin Doble and the responsorial psalm by Ms. Fatima Aclan. This was followed by the proclamation of the Holy Gospel and the Lectio Brevis done by Fr. Daven. He gave the students their ‘final quiz’ which was in lined with the story, Noah’s ark. He asked the students, parents and guardians the top three animals they will save and what comes into their mind when they hear of the words coffee, forest, and ocean. These was later on discussed and expounded. This preceded the awarding of the non-academic awards which immediately came next.

For sports recognition, Ardie Benedict Lanto received the award of outstanding participation in sports – basketball. On the other hand, the award of most active participation in sports – basketball was garnered by Anjo Aceveda, Derrick Ramon Chavez and John Victor Fetalvero. While the award of most active participation in sports – volleyball, badminton and chess were earned by Marie Therese Alvarez, Carmela Gretchen Romae Guiyab and Dave Samaniego, respectively. On the other hand, the awards of active participation in sports were given to Jose Mari Atienza and King Joeverth Ebora for basketball, Eleisa Via Duño and Cheene Torino for volleyball, Ernesto Aguinaldo III for badminton, Rusell Angelo Llaga for table tennis, Al Apolito for chess, Paul Randolph Uy for karatedo, and Jonathan Bandiola for taekwondo.

In terms of cultural affairs, Maria Cecilia Makalintal bagged the ICAP Award of Merit. Meanwhile, the outstanding participation in ICAP and in Cultural Affairs were given to Norraine Marie Ambida, Wilmarie Caringal, Miguel Jose Dimapilis, Maria Teresa Makalintal, Vaughn Andre Narvacan, and Geri Gwyneth Dawn Ortega. In addition, Alyssa Sarah Arenas, Angela Danielle Cantos, Kaithea Franchette Castor, Anne Kaira Macaraig, Mary Grace Macaraig, Ricardo II Mendoza, and Vincent Gabriel Verceles snatched the most active participation in ICAP and in Cultural Affairs. Also, the medals for active participation in ICAP and in Cultural Affairs were handed to Jeremiah Castillo, Shena Joi Guico, Danielle Hernandez and Ken Angelo Ordonez.

In line with the cultural recognitions, the SBC PAO-Repertory Brigid members were also given awards. The PAO Award of Merit – Gold was earned by Nicholas Francis Ayap, Renz Andrei Badillo, Joshua Glen De Villa, Drecz Alecz Maderazo, Maan Alissa Magadia, Michelle Marqueses, Ma. Zshalia Eleni Muñoz, Katryn Maeve Panopio, Don Christian Ramos, Cheene Torino, Joseph Anthony Untalan, and Angela Denise Viceral. While the PAO Award of Merit – Silver was given to Christian Miles Barrion, Mary Christine Buño, Joseph Daniel Bonus, Aramis Espina and Criss Darylle Mendoza. In addition, the Outstanding Participation in Cultural Affairs award was granted to Nicholas Francis Ayap, Renz Andrei Badillo, Joseph Daniel Bonus, Joshua Glen De Villa, Drecz Alecz Maderazo, Maan Alissa Magadia, Michelle Marqueses, Ma. Zshalia Eleni Muñoz, Katryn Maeve Panopio, Don Christian Ramos, Cheene Torino, Joseph Anthony Untalan, and Angela Denise Viceral. While the medal for Most Active Participation in Cultural Affairs was awarded to Christian Miles Barrion, Mary Christine Buño, Aramis Espina and Criss Darylle Mendoza. On the other hand, Jonathan Bandiola and Ruby Rosios were given the recognition of active participation in cultural affairs.

Moving on to Campus Journalism, Marian Alferez, Diane Añonuevo and Allyssa Vita Marie Silang were recognized for their outstanding participation in Journalism. Meanwhile, Carol Hilary Bobis, Azel Beatrice Cabiscuelas, Denise Nicole Cruzat, Aramis Espina, Anne Christle Garcia, Kristine Lei Ilagan, Ira Claire Marasigan, Ren Christian Panganiban, Nicole Beatriz Rosales and Cheene Torino were given a medal for most active participation in Journalism. In addition, Mikhaela Marie Aguila, Ernesto Aguinaldo III, Ria Janelle Castillo, Danielle Hernandez, Andreu Kheiko Manalo, Allyza Reina Pascual, Ellaine Christine Ramos, and Lara Bianca Tordecilla were handed a medal for their active participation in Journalism.

Furthermore, the medals for active participation in Multi Media Arts were awarded to Katrina Marie Afurong, Christielo Alea, Renz Andrei Badillo, Sofia Anjelik Barrion, Judy May Mendoza and Joseph Anthony Untalan.

Moreover, Boy Scouts were given various distinctions which are as follows: Ferdinand Ian Laureta as Gawad Rajah Soliman (Pinakanamumukod-tanging Iskawt), Anne Christle Garcia as Gawad Rajah Lakandula (Pinakaresponsableng Iskawt), Azel Beatrice Cabiscuelas and Maria Elizabeth Evangelista as Gawad Rajah Humabon (Pinakamabait na Iskawt), Nica Angela Blanco as Gawad Rajah Kalantiyaw (Pinakamahusay Gumanap ng Tungkulin), Rusell Angelo Llaga as Gawad Panday Pira (Pinakamasipag na Iskawt), Christian Jay Abdon and Renz Andrei Badillo as Gawad Maharlika (Pinakamalinis na Iskawt), Virgi Vladi Caringal and Hamid Bin Maclesh Salic as Gawad Kampilan (Pinakadisiplinadong Iskawt), Leira Dianne Perlada and Yvonne Joyce Sullera as Gawad Tambuli (Pinakamaagap na Iskawt) and Sheon Alie Flores as Gawad Gintong Palad (Pinakamatulunging Iskawt).

A closing prayer and the singing of the SBC Hymn marked the end of the celebration.

SBC Carries Out its 1st Commencement Exercise for the SHS Level

With the theme “Children of God: Journeying Together in Discipleship”, St. Bridget College performed its very 1st Commencement Exercise for the Senior High School Level at the Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium, May 24.

The processional march signaled the beginning of the program. The candidates for graduation were the first group to march on followed by the faculty and staff. The Religious of the Good Shepherd (RGS) Sisters along with the SBC administrators and guests came in last.

The entrance of colors executed by the Boy Scouts of the Senior High School came next in the program which was immediately followed by the singing of the National Anthem.

Afterwards, a Eucharistic celebration was held with the purpose of blessing the candidates for graduation and their diplomas and awards. This was led by Rev. Fr. Joseph Mendoza of St. Michael de Archangel Parish in Lobo, Batangas. The mass preceded the presentation of graduates by Dr. Dolores Borras. Meanwhile, Sr. Mary Claire Bagot, RGS gave a heart-warming message to the graduates.

Coming next in the program, the students were handed the fruit of their labor, their diploma. They were presented by their respective strand coordinator, Mr. Angelito Jareño for the HUMSS, Mrs. Grace Contreras for ABM and Mrs. Cenen Chavez for STEM.

The non-academic awardees presented by Mrs. Geraldin Vergara, Student Affairs Coordinator received recognition and medals for their excellence in various fields.

Exemplifying the spirit of St. Mary Euphrasia in her works and behavior, Carol Hilary Bobis was hailed as the St. Mary Euphrasia Awardee.

Meanwhile, with the consistent exhibition of his math prowess in various competitions, Dave Samaniego was given a medal for being a Math Achiever. Furthermore, Carol Hilary Bobis, Anne Christle Garcia, Ira Claire Marasigan and Allyssa Vita Marie Silang were recognized for their most active participation in school affairs. While Katrina Marie Afurong, Mikhaela Marie Aguila, Diane Ernabel Añonuevo, Al Apolito, Euclid Reign Beredo, Azel Beatrice Cabiscuelas, Jisha Calingasan, Virgi Vladi Caringal, Ria Janelle Castillo, Aramis Espina, Perse Lior Evangelio, Danielle Hernandez, Danielle Marquez, Darylle Mendoza, Ren Christian Panganiban, Dave Samaniego, Marie Andrea Sulit, Cheene Torino, and Kristine Villena on the other hand were awarded for their active participation in school affairs.

With their consistent service to their local church, LJ Noreen Abu, Miguel Brian Aguila, Ernesto Aguinaldo III, Adriel Luiz Arañez, Renz Andrei Badillo, Euclid Reign Beredo, Carol Hilary Bobis, Erlisa Caraig, Kaithea Franchette Castor, Miguel Jose Dimapilis, Bianca Riezel Garcia, Carmela Ysabelle Gutierrez, Danielle Hernandez,Winfred Gail Hernandez, Ferdinand Ian Laureta, Rica Mae Magsino, Andreu Kheilko Manalo, Don Lorenzo Mauhay, Meynard Orbino, Cheene Torino, Ellen May Virtucio and Angela Marie Ylagan became the social apostolate awardees.

Exposing their outstanding skills in leadership, Euclid Reign Beredo, Anne Christle Garcia, Kristine Lei Ilagan, and Cheene Torino were given the merit award for leadership. Meanwhile, Diane Ernabel Añonuevo, Ferdinand Ian Laureta, and Don Christian Ramos received citation for leadership. Furthermore, with his consistent leadership in the institutional organization of St. Bridget College, Joshua Glen De Villa was given a medal for cultural leadership award.

On the other hand, the academic awardees were presented by Mrs. Amor Borbon, Assistant Principal. The academic awardees were topped by the students who achieved with high honors who are Katrina Marie Afurong, Bianca Riezel Garcia, Kristine Ilagan, Danielle Marquez and Allyssa Vita Marie Silang.

Besides the scholastic performance award, special recognitions were also given. The best research for the STEM strand was bagged by the group of Milca AJ Arce, Denice Nicole Cruzat, Criss Darylle Mendoza, Hamid Bin Maclesh Salic, and Allyssa Vita Marie Silang; the set of Sofia Anne Abaya, Lovely Princess Del Mundo, Kristine Lei Ilagan, Le-an Puertollano and Cheene Torino for the ABM strand; and, the group of Erika Len Banaag, Euclid Reign Beredo, Ramon Derrick Chavez and Julie Anne Matugas for the HUMSS strand. In addition, the best innovation was given to the group of Nica Angela Blanco, Ellaine Christine Ramos, Jansen Andrei Domingo, Paul Randolph Uy and Angela Denise Viceral.

Students who excelled in their work immersion in Creotec Philippines were also given distinctions, Frances Lorraine Anglo for STEM, Cheene Torino for ABM and Maria Cecilia Makalintal.

Following the program, Kristine Lei Ilagan, with high honors, delivered a message of gratitude to her teachers and her schoolmates. Afterwards, graduates took their oath which was led by Allyssa Vita Marie Silang, with high honors.

The closing ceremonies composed of the singing of the graduation song composed by Ira Claire Marasigan which was dedicated to the parents and guardians of the graduates and the alma mater song, the exit of colors and the recessional concluded the program.

The master of the ceremony was Ms. Fe Babao, SHS faculty.


Aramis Espina

KABAN Week accentuates Connections, Togetherness

Strengthening the bond and connection among business college students, the business management program conducted Knowledgeable Artisans in Business and Networks (KABAN) Week with the theme “Creating Connections, Building Bridges Together” at SBC Multi-Purpose Hall, Apr. 23-27.

            The weeklong celebration was filled with various activities in promotion of holistic learning among Business collegiate through the joint effort of the organization’s officers.

One of the main activities was a free seminar among graduating students concerning career guidance, cooperative entrepreneurship, product presentation and financial literacy. The said seminar was sponsored by Soro-Soro Ibaba Development Center (SIDC) with resource speakers Winnie Gracia M. Diaz, HR Manager, Joseph A. Virtucio, External Relations Officer, Janice Ann B. Odi, Marketing Manager, and Zandra Angelica A. Samonte, Investment Officer with their respective topics.

On the other hand, future artisans in business showed their skills in selling variety of foods as they prepared different booths. Among the four booths, The Conquerors merit the first place for their Mais Con Yelo and Siomai Booth which earned the most profit.

Moreover, the venue was filled with joyous excitement and deafening cheers as the highlight of the event, Mr. and Ms. KABAN 2018, was conducted. Gerson Macalalad, BSBA4, and Rona Gayeta, BSBA3, grabbed the title after competing in series of categories such as casual wear, corporate attire and question and answer portion.

Meanwhile, other competitions were prepared such as Lip Sync Battle whereas Rona Gayeta, BSBA3, emerged as the champion, Artisans Fact or Bluff with Maria Cristelle Atienza, and Nathalie Primo, both BSBA 3 declared as the winner.

All winners received sashes, trophies, certificates and medals.

SGPP Week promotes SW Profession, Skills enhancement

Sangguniang Gabay sa Panlipunang Paglilingkod (SGPP) conducted course-related activities to promote the profession and test the skills of the Social Work students through various seminar and contests as part of SGPP Week celebration, SBC Multi-Purpose Hall, March 07-10.


            Theme of the said event was “Social Workers: Leaders. Advocate. Champions.”


First in the list of activities was the seminar which was participated by all Social Work students about several approaches on dealing the Social Work profession. Mr. Rosauro R. Luntayao, Vice-President of Philippines Association of Social Workers, (PASWI) Inc. served as the resource speaker.


Exposing their creativity and wit in the video making contest, BSSW 3 won 1st place. In expressing themselves through spoken poetry contest, Angel Grace Atienza, BSSW2, was hailed as champion. On the other hand, in the skills of artistic arts in Poster and Slogan Contest, Wella Williams, BSED 3, garnered first place.


Kimbely Cruz, BSSW 3, was hailed as Ms. Q&A, as she answered several questions with enough knowledge and confidence concerning on Social Work Profession and the current trends anchored in the said profession.


Adding to the list of winners in group contests was Team Advocate with its members Divine Dalit, Arianne Joy Añonuevo, Andrea Baltazar and Joy Grace Bagui, all BSSW3, merited the 1st place in the Quiz Bee Competition. Meanwhile, in Debate Competition, a battle of information and reasoning, Kimberly Cruz, Lea Joy Lira and Angel Grace Atienza, all BSSW3, were declared as winners.


All winners received medals and certificates.

SGPP attends JSWAP Convention 2018

Sangguniang Gabay ng Panlipunang Paglilingkod (SGPP) of St. Bridget College members actively participated on annual 3-day Junior Social Workers’ Association of the Philippines (JSWAP) CALABARZON-MIMAROPA Chapter (JSWAP CMC) Convention held at Freedom Eco-Park in Boac, Marinduque, Feb. 1-3.

The purpose of the convention is to empower and unify students in enhancing full potential of each member towards the development of their professional competence in the Social Work Practice.

Several activities were conducted whereas SGPP representatives Azeah Alcaraz, Ven Micole Atayde and Janela Hainto, all BSSW 3, grabbed 4th place in Quiz Bee. Meanwhile, Siegfred Ian M. Magpile, BSSW3 hailed the crown for Next Tough Model.

Other highlights of the events were forums highlighting Gender Sensitivity Education, problems and struggles of JSWAP, and Extra Judicial Killings. The event was also strengthened by some prepared team-building activities.

JSWAP proposed a constitution and bylaws and was ratified after earning the perfect vote from all of the member schools, followed by the election of new set of officers wherein Kimberly E. Cruz was elected as CALABARZON Vice-President and Janela Hainto as Secretary of the said organization.

Mrs. Anielyn Afable, Social Work Program Chairperson and Ms. Monica Abaya, LIFE Moderator served as the coaches and counselors of the participants.

The activity was participated by social work students from Region IV-A and B, such as Sacred Heart College of Lucena, Occidental Mindoro State Colleges of Occidental Mindoro, St. Mary Magdalene Colleges of Laguna, Palawan State University, Remnant Philippine Colleges, Western Philippine University of Palawan, and Imus Institute of Science and Technology of Cavite.

Marinduque State College hosted this year’s convention.

Batch 2018 pledges to cherish legacy in 70th commencement exercises

     With hearts overflowing with gratitude and joy, Batch 2018 pledged to cherish legacy as they bade adieu in the 70th commencement exercises held at SBC Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium, May 26.

Ignited by the theme “Children of God: Journeying Together in Discipleship,” Batch 2018 was applauded with its roster of awardees in the field of leadership, service and academic excellence.

For the academic awards, Avegale Maranan, Romo Sanvictores, and Donavie Vergara, all BSEd, and Andrea Cena, BSSW, emerged as Cum Laude.

On the other hand, for the non-academic awards, medal for SBC Bayanihan Award for Active Participation in Extra Curricular Activities was given to Donavie Vergara, BSEd. Certificates for Leadership Award were given to Donavie Vergara, BSEd, Rosalie Ilao, BEEd, Christian Jay Bahala and Gerson Macalalad, both BSBA.

Lea Chariz Castillo, BSEd, merited a medal for St. Mary Euphrasia Award for her consistent rendering of generous and dedicated service to the school and wider community. Larisa Mae Agtay, BSEd, also received a medal for SBC Loyalty Award.

All BSIT students were given certificates in special recognition in the field of information technology as Microsoft Office Word Specialists. Christine Mae De Torres, earned the title Microsoft Technology Associate: Networking Fundamentals.

Meanwhile, plaque for SBC Service Award presented to faculty and staff who rendered outstanding service and loyalty was given to Mrs. Wennie Medina, Business Program Chairperson. Mrs. Filipina Macaraeg, Human Resource Management and Development Officer, Engr. Leonardo Pedraja, Information Technology Program Chairperson, and Mr. Esteban Robles, MIS Officer, received certificates.

The ceremony started with a mass presided by Rev. Fr. Anthony Carlo Esteron. In his homily, he emphasized that Bridgetine graduates should always exemplify SBC values which means Simplicity, Blessing to others and Courage.

“As you step into a higher level of your study or work, you will all be dared to ‘let your light shine’ brightly as bearers of excellence in generating contemporary knowledge that would benefit others towards social transformation. Your guiding words should be; faith and service. Your commitment should be to ‘being’ a resource for the church and the nation,” asserted Sr. Mary Clare Bagot, RGS, school president as she challenged the graduates in their future endeavour.

Dr. Lea C. Aquino, Public School District Supervisor of District 1 under Division of Batangas City and an SBC alumna, served as the guest speaker. In her inspirational message, she pressed a call to the students to be like St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier.

Using the initials S-MARY-E, she reminded the graduates to let the light from God Shine to others, Mind yourself and focus on your own life and career, always have an Attitude, Respect your colleagues, be Yourself and continue to bear Excellence while moving forward to the real world.

“From this day forward, let us make each decision with our best interests in mind. Let us believe in ourselves so that we may reach our goals and fulfill our dreams as Bridgetine graduates. We’ve already taken the first step by making it up to this day. Now, it’s time to take the next steps in the journey to build our future. The future is truly in our hands, so let’s make the most of it,” delivered Donavie Vergara, BSEd, cum laude, commending and challenging her fellow graduates to uphold and radiate legacy of excellence during her response.

Romo Sanvictores, BSEd, cum laude, steered the graduates’ oath taking. Dra. Ana Maria Clara Palacios, SBC Alumni Association President, led the Alumni Oath Taking together with the graduates.

Another highlight of the event was the joyous singing of the graduation songs entitled “A Million Dreams” by Ziv Zaifman, “Pangarap Nating Tagumpay” written by Ma. Hilda Arcega, BSEd, and Bridgetine song.


Donavie Vergara, BSEd4

Hocbo, Bool head 261 graduates

               “We may struggle but we should push forward. All the hardships that we will experience should help us stand on our own and strive harder to achieve success. There is no reason to give up. “

                This was stressed by Therese Carmela Hocbo, rank 1, in her farewell address during the 98th commencement exercises held at SBC Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium, May 4.

Regina Annemarie Bool, rank 2, Arabella Clarissa Sayat, rank 3, Maria Beatriz Vidal, rank 4, Michael Andre Marasigan, rank 5, Aaron Gabriel Marquez, rank 6, Vanessa Marie Lorida, rank 7, Frances Ysabelle Agdamag, rank 8, Aedele Mae Beloso, rank 9 and Samantha Athea Ceniza, rank 10 were the other pupils who were regarded as with high honors.  They have an average of 95-97 and have no grades lower than 88.

Meanwhile, 61 pupils are awarded as with honors. They were pupils who got an average of 90-94 and no grades lower than 88.

On the other hand, 15 pupils were also recognized for their remarkable performance in the different academic subjects.

Furthermore, the school also recognized its employees who had rendered their dedicated service as lay mission partners. Mrs. Rossana Bagon, the IBED principal, Mrs. Marcel Volante, Science 5 teacher and Mr. Reynaldo Aguinaldo were given plaque of appreciation.

Dra. Anna Maria Clara Palacios led the induction of graduates to the SBC Alumni Association.

                The theme of this year’s commencement exercises is “Children of God: Journeying Towards Discipleship”.

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