SBC Pre-Enrolment for IBED and SHS

Be a Bridgetine now and continue the legacy of letting your light shine!

To facilitate ease and safety in enrolling your children, St. Bridget College is rolling out this online pre-enrollment procedure starting April 17 until April 27, 2020.

Process your online pre-enrollment in SBC Batangas City through this link (Click here: SBC Pre-Enrolment for IBED and SHS ) or you may also call or text these numbers:
Ibed : 402- 4206/ 0905- 529- 5687/ 0919- 702- 2836
SHS: 0905- 529- 5687/ 0919- 702- 2836

Please take note that in undergoing the pre-enrolment process your child is considered temporarily enrolled for SY 2020-2021.

Schedule of payment will be announced later. In view of the present crisis payment scheme will be negotiable.

We continue to pray for the safety of every Bridgetine and his/her family.

See you next school year, Bridgetines!!!

St. Bridget College Operation Rise up and Shine Batangueños (SBC-RSB)

Updated as of February 22, 2020

The Taal volcano eruption which started 12th of January left 74, 787 families, a total of 300, 595 individuals unsettled. This internally displaced persons (IDPs) are in 532 evacuation centers while a portion of them are in foster families and other private temporary shelters. (Source: Provincial Social Welfare Development Office post). The number continuous to escalate everyday as there are more evacuees coming from 12 municipalities and 2 cities within Taal main crater’s 14 km. radius danger zone (Source: PHILVOLCS-DOST advisory). With this unfortunate condition, St. Bridget College started its relief operation tagged as St. Bridget College Operation Rise up and Shine Batangueños (SBC-RSB), 14th of January.

The call for donation was readily heeded by generous individuals – parents, student, alumni and friends of the institution and the Religious of the Good Shepherd. The donations are in kind (canned goods, noodles, bottled water, mats, blankets, medicines, toiletries, diapers, beverages, sacks of rice, etc.) services (transport, other evacuation sites volunteers) and cash donations. On its more than a week operation the relief were distributed to the following areas:

March 7, 2020
AREA No. of Bags/Families
Agoncillo 100
February 22, 2020
AREA No. of Bags/Families
San Luis 53
Banyaga Agoncillo 330
February 13, 2020
AREA No. of Bags/Families
Motorpool/Poblacion 3 141
Talisay Multi-purpose Hall 11
Talisay Senior High/Tumaway 227
Doña Maria Laurel/AYA 87
  2 individual
February 11, 2020
AREA No. of Bags/Families
Balete, Batangas 11 c/o Kuya Louie
February 10, 2020
San Luis 2 families from Taal c/o Elyn & Jefson Acorda
February 8, 2020
Coloconto, San Juan 20
#102 Noble St., Batangas City 1
Dumantay, Batangas City 1
February 7, 2020
Calicanto, Batangas City 4 families c/o Mam Ged Vergara
Laurel, Batangas 495
College Students Jenny Babes Luceran – Laurel – 1
February 5, 2020
Malainin, Ibaan 135
Student from BSU from Agoncillo 1
February 4, 2020
Sta. Teresita & Alitagtag 13
NHA, Talaibon, Ibaan 120
February 1, 2020
Coloconto, San Juan 20
January 31, 2020
Balete, Batangas City 28 families from San Nicolas, Agoncillo & San Luis c/o Sir johnrey Banlasan
January 30, 2020
Camillus & Sta. Rita 135
January 29, 2020
San Pascual 4  families from San Nicolas
College Students Nicole Reyes from Agoncillo
  Giovanni Cueto from Taal
  Danver Landicho from Agoncillo
  Franasca Almacen from Lemery
Talumpok Kanluran 3 families from Agoncillo
Pallocan 3 families from San Nicolas
De Joya Compound, Alangilan 9 families from Agoncillo
January 28, 2020
Sampaga 55
January 27, 2020
AREA No. of Bags/Families
Tabangao Sitio Lipunan (Halang Taal, San Nicolas, Tanauan) 15
Cuta Barangay Hall (Taal, Lemery) 8
Ferry (Agoncillo) 5
Barangay 12 48
San Sebastian Lipa(Sta. Teresita) 30
January 25, 2020
AREA No. of Bags/Families
Pallocan East (Agoncillo, San Nicolas) 65
Libjo, Tangisan (Taal) 9
Cuta (lemery) 3
Bolbok Purok 4 (San Nicolas) 9
January 24, 2020
AREA No. of Bags/Families
Cuta, Jerason 4
Sterling Height, Alangilan 33
Barangay 19, Batangas City 26
Sirang Lupa 36
Bilogo, Taysan Batangas 2
Villa Concesa, Sto. Niño 13
Calicanto, Batangas 1
Cuenca 4
Mabini 1
Bayanan Elementary School 148
Alitagtag 50
Bayanan S.P 20
Tangile, Nueva Villa 43
De Las Ala, Carnation St. 9
Talumpok West 10
Calicanto, Purok 3 20
Ibaan, Batangas 6
Sta. Rita, Relocation 30
Conde, Labac 9
Gulod Itaas, Purok 1 2
First Gas (Cluster Sudb.) 8
Centro Dalig, San Pedro 28
Pallocan West 5
Bolbok 4
Bucal Elementary School 95
San Miguel Batangas City 32
St. Rita 6
Libjo, Callejon 19
Betzaida Subdivision 48
Pulo, Balagtas 14
Tabangao Aplaya 14
Calicanto 14
Calicanto St. 19
San Pascual 56
Mataas na Kahoy 2
Laurel 2
January 23, 2020
AREA No. of Bags/Families
Alitagtag c/o Sr. Ludy 50
January 22, 2020
AREA No. of Bags/Families
Conde Labac 19
Kumintang Ibaba 2
Soro-soro Curva 17
Sta. Rita Apple 15
Inland Resort 85
Malaking Pook National High School 48
Highland Gulod Itaas 50
Alitagtag c/o Sr. Ludy 50
Gulod Labac 39
Sitio D’Hope, Libjo 10
Villa Mercedes, Sta. Rita Karsada 4
Barangay 9 9
from Lemery c/o Ma’am Rayos 4
from Taal & Lemery c/o Ma’am Sally 4
Barangay 1 3
Talumpok West 13
Talumpok East 7
from Taal  c/o Sir Luther 3
from Lemery , Agoncillo & Taal c/o SBC Molians Rosario 10
Kumintang Ilaya 11
Mahabang Dahilig 13
Barangay 1 5
Kumintang Ilaya 17
Libjo Lamao 65
Bloomfield subdivision; San Pascual 46
Plata Compound, Kumintang Ilaya 28
Pallocan Lagaslasan 3
Escorp Lomi Hauz 11
Diversion Road, Bolbok 4
Bilogo c/o Mam Agnes 10
January 21, 2020
Kumintang Ilaya 5
c/o Sir Steve Robles 5
Haligue, Sitio Binutbot 20
Barangay 4 20
Baranga 2 16
Escorp Lomi Hauz, Madona Subdivision, Alangilan 16
Lipa 20
San Juan 30
Banaba East, Elementary School 49
Banaba East 9
Jesus of Nazareth Hospital 5
Green Valley, Poblacion, San Pascual 38
Mercedes Homes, Soro-soro 58
Barangay QuipotAguila, San Jose 20
Twin Villa subdivision, Kumintang 8
Margarita Heights 15
Pallocan West 70
Vista de Oro, Sta. Rita Ilaya 22
Bilogo, Batangas City 50
Tulo Riverside 50 kilos Rice
Barangay 5 & 8 c/o Fr. Milo Malabuyoc 24
January 20, 2020
Mercedes Homes, Soro-soro 100
Starville Subdivision Chapel 40
Sitio Calumpang, Alangilan 5
Remo Residence, Twinvilla Subdivision, Alangilan 10
Arman Residence, Twinvilla Subdivision, Alangilan 4
Concepcion /Mahabang Parang 28
Tangisan, Libjo 7
Diversion, Bolbok 15
Dalig 20
Pook ng Kapitan Elementary School 94
Macalamcam B. 16
Sinala, Bauan 20
San Juan, Quipot 50
Malalim 26
Dalig 14
San Antonio, San Pascual 2
Sir Ace Gutierrez (College Faculty member) 1
Nueva Villa Subdivision, Alangilan & Kumintang ibaba San Pascual, Baylon Parish 2 & 2 sacks of rice
Brgy. Bago, Ibaan, Batangas 62
Pallocan 20
Pallocan West 20
Conception 21
Barangay 21, Barangay Hall 21
Dumantay 33
Padre Castillo Elementary School Malaking Pook 36
Pinamucan Proper 64
As-Is 6
Tumalim, Nasugbu 10
Alitagtag 5
San Antonio, San Pascual 7
Pinamucan Proper 70
Pallocan 6
Poblacion, Ibaan 5
Tinga Labac 3
Bugtong 9
January 18, 2020
South Elementary School 148
Calicanto 9
Tulo River 22
Bilogo, Purok 7 2
Recto Calicanto 8
Pallocan 48
Ibaan 4
Maipa 1
Dalig, Batangas 4
Sitio Santolan, Alangilan 6
Balimbing, San Pascual 200
Mayuro, Rosario 50
Baybayin, Rosario 41
Alupay, Rosario 63
Pinagsibaan Brgy. Hall Rosario 13
Putingkahoy Elementary School 26
sto. Niño Subdivision, Bolbok 10
Golden County Homes 11
Macatangay Subdivision 13
January 17, 2020
Tinga Labac 78
Tabangao Ambulong 78
Dumuclay Ilaya 34
Bolbok Elementary School  57
Malitam Elementary School/ Malitam National High School 45
Paharang West 48
Taisan Evacuation Center 25
Dagatan Elementary School 10
Lapu-Lapu 2nd 5
Recto Calicanto 12
Banaba 4
Alitagtag Agoncillo 46
January 15, 2020
Banaba West 18
Concepcion Elementary School 35
Office of GSP 20
RK Village Sto. Niño 16
Malalim 17
Durungaw Elementary School 50
Bolbok 17
Muzon 1 65
Paharang 68
San Jose 25
San Isidro 30
Malvar 5
San Pascual 10
Manghinao 50
Rosario (Mac. A. Elementary School) 11
Bungahan Elementary School 10
LPU Boarding House 10
De Joya Alangilan 3
Inicbulan Elementary School 40
Brgy. 19 18
Dalig 10
Bukal 58
Gulod 10
Lyn Ville Subdivision 34
Mount View 15
Cuta Brgy. Hall 8
Malitam 8
January 14, 2020
Dumantay 13
East Elementary School 70
Capitolio 50
Balete 100
Gulod 11
Dumuclay 20
Tingga Itaas 23
Sports Complex 100
Tingga Labac 3


Feb22-Brgy.Banyaga Agoncillo.jpg
Feb22-Brgy.Banyaga Agoncillo2.jpg
Feb22-San Luis.jpg
Feb22-Brgy.Banyaga Agoncillo.jpg
Feb22-Brgy.Banyaga Agoncillo2.jpg
Feb22-San Luis.jpg

Thank you for the generosity of our donors.


  Fr. Philip Bombeo
  Ma’am Michelle
  Fr. Philip Bonifacio
Jan. 30, 2020 Sevilla Mendoza Isberto
Jan. 27, 2020 SMOE(Singapore) c/o Jeanalyn Acorda Manalo
  Ankron, Loida
  Garlitos, Imelda & Sergio and Javier, Teresita & Manny
  Good Shepherd Home Legaspi
  Intercessory Prayer Group c/o Tess Barsaga
  Axelerate Manpower (AMA Inc.)
  RV Barsaga & Family
  Axelerate Manpower (AMA Inc.) Staff
  Bascon, Ofelia
  Paronda, Sonia
  Manulid, Vilma
  Marzan, Ernesto & Juanita (In Memory)
  AFTEA Inc.
Jan. 23,2020 STEM 9- Gonzaga
Jan. 22,2020 Herbert Brucal
  Sr. Aida Violago & Family
Jan. 21,2020 Emmie D. Perez, Magnusville Sub., Pallocan West
Jan. 20,2020 SBC GS-88/HS-92
  Michael Edward Mercado
  Michelle Marie Mercado
  Grachelle Angela Mercado
Jan. 18, 2020 St. Bridget School, Quezon City
Jan. 17,2020 Merline Lopez
  Elaine Takahasi
  Sherlina Fabe Shiibashi
  Sabina Marasigan
  Teresita Dealino
  SBC GS-88/HS-92
Jan. 15,2020 Carandang, Maria Romana
  Mr. & Mrs Tony Perez
  Babao, Evelyn
  Cubos, Joel
  Erica Laurice Manalo
  Kristine Jabat
  Honesto Babasa
  Abigail Babasa Acorda & Johnlou
  Terravita Construction c/o Pauleen Gabinete
  RJ & Jairus, Johana, Ronnel Amores
Jan. 14,2020 Bea Aquio
  Yrra Aldovino
  Ronnel, Mario Pabilo
  Maria Diane Evangelista
  Tita Arce
  Julie Beraña
  Shellane Carreon
  Corazon Alegre
  Beneth Cruzat
  Jennelyn Bunquin
  Geoffrey Acosta
  Jose Marie Antonio Correzo

CASH – Thru Bank

Feb. 28, 2020 GTI Software Developer
Feb. 27, 2020 Amelie & Isaiah Manabat
Feb. 20, 2020 Anonymous from Hongkong
Feb. 16, 2020 Elaine Bautista
  Luis & Lynne Tolentino
  Staff & Students of MMTC, Baguio
Feb. 12, 2020 JSWAP Palawan State University – Social Work Department
Feb. 10, 2020 Abacan, Emerita Javier
  Rayos, Vinz PJ
Feb. 8, 2020 Cusi, Josie
  Yellow Batch SY 2020-2021
Feb. 4, 2020 Maria Sophia Andrea & Vivien Angela Dayanghirang
Feb. 3, 2020 Sevilla Mendoza Isberto
Jan. 30, 2020 Aliw Sadangsal
  Anonymous (Tomas Morato Branch)
  Bicol University-Social Work Department Tobaco Campus
Jan. 29, 2020 New Jersey Filipino Community c/o Veronica Lavarro
  Jen Lontoc Manipol
Jan. 28, 2020 Arthur and Sheila Schattle
  Domingo Garcia Jr. c/o Sr. Mary Susan Montano, RGS
  Arnel and Reina De los Santos
  Erick and Mabel Gonzales
Jan. 27, 2020 Erika Zandra Tiemsin & Co. (From Canada)
  Leia Go and Family
  Rebecca Ramos
Jan. 24,2020 Cristina Lacson
  Family of Sr. Dale Saavedra
  UP Alumni Ass. of San Francisco and Sonia Delen Fitzsimmons
Jan. 23, 2020 Anonymous (Alabang Branch)
Jan. 21, 2020 RGS Naga, c/o Sr. Franz Blando
  Hablon Dawani ISG WC., Inc.
  Good Shepherd Home Legaspi
Jan. 20, 2020 Atty. Antonio Pastor
  Anonymous (Felix Avenue Branch)
  SBC HS’ 2008 & Canada Donors c/o Christian De Chavez
  Dr. Eileen Rose Hsu & Nancy Figueroa & Baby Manabat
  Panganiban, Emelba 
Jan. 17,2020 Aliw Sadangsal
  Michikoto United-Japan ( Frm. Sr. Celeste)
  Bicol University-Social Work Department
  Family of Sr. Dale Saavedra
Jan. 16,2020 Interconnect Systems Inc.
  Sales, Ditas, St. Bridget Schools, Quezon City- Class 1969
  Mai Sales
  Florfina Sarmiento
Jan. 15,2020 Bacolod Sacred Heart Memorial Park & Javelona Family
Jan. 13, 2020 Delos Reyes, Janice
  Ebora, Angelie


ABM-BARCODES Gonzales, King Francis
Abante, Aye gonzales, Ma. Learni Leyla C.
Aclan, Matt GSP
Acosta, Agie Guache, Mary Joy G.
Acosta, Paula Gualter, Precious Gabrielle
Adia, Paulo Guce, Niño
Afable, Anielyn Guico-Asis, Jhanelle
Agena, Catherine Guillo, Vivien
Agillon, Gregondio Guna, Fil
Agtay, Reggie Gupit, Mary Grace
Aguila, Ma. Abegail Gutierrez, JC & Tina
Alano, Marlon Hernandez, Ceara Inuyasha
Albances, Rein Hernandez, Chrislel
Alcantara, Jameson Hernandez, Cyhrus Gean
Aldovino, Yrra Hernandez, Emariza A.
Alea, Herzie Ann Hernandez, Family
Alo, Neo Hernandez, Kyle Marie D.
Alvarez, Jana Erika Hocbo Family
Amagwa-Atendido, Elizabeth & Linda Amagna Holgado, James Pitt
Amante, Gabriel John HS Batch 90-94
Amante, Jim-Bert IBEd Faculty Admin & Staff-High School
Ambida, Danieise(WJPIC Club) Ibon, Fay Y.
Andal, Mikaela Denisse Ibon, James Howell
Angeles, Christine Joy Ilagan, Mimi
Anonuevo, JC ilagan, Shea
Anonymous from De Joya Illustre, Krysta
Antenor, Christian ituralde, jill Kimberly
Antiro, Jerlyn Jansalin, Alessia
Arasula, Sheena JAPMES Elem Batch ’85
Arcayos, Eden Johnson, Mars
Arellano, Tshomlee Jusi, Cecilia
Arguelles Family Labayane, Rocky
Asi, Angelica Lalap, Maria Socorro M.
Asi, Stella Mae Larosa, Liza
Atienza, Danica Lavapie, Jewel
Atienza, Darrene Legaspi, Aila Marie
Buenafe, Dennis and Jaine Lim, Roma
Babao, Fe Lontoc, Micah Elah
Babao, Ivy Lontoc, Rosette & Company
Badillo, Renzelle Anne Lualhati, Yoel
Badua, Cyrill Lualhati, Yoel
Bagos, Kyle Andrei Luna, Aila Gicelle
Bagos, Maylene Lydda Mia
Bagui, Wilma Macalalad, Gigie
Baldovino, Amor Macaraeg, Filipina
Balina, Nash Macaraig, Alfredo
Balina, Olive Martina Macaraig, Carmela Luz
Balina, Pinky Macatangay, Maida
Balinam Pinky Macuha, Leah
Baliwag, Jan Elaine Madrona, Nicole R.
Balmes, Erick Magadia, Maan
Balmes, Eulo Magbuhos, Malou
Balmes, Myla Magpantay, Angel
Banaag, Alliah Jeanne Magsino, Melanie
Bañares, Xamantha Anne Magtibay, Jesse
Barte, Hillary Makalintal, Aliah
Batangas Sports Complex Malaluan, Kreesha Marie
Bathan, Elsie Malaluan, Thereze
Bauan, Benjamin Moises Malibiran, Jonalyn
Bautista, Anne Malibiran, Malyn
Bautista, Wan Vanela Malvar, Marizze
Bay, Joebelle Manalo, Arbin
Bay, Mikee Manalo, Arbin
Bejasa, Karl Russell Manalo, Khrizel
Berania, Talia Manalo, Mariza
Bernabe, Khaizz Manalo, Merry
Bernabe, Khayl Mandahuyan, Romar Andrade
Bianca, De torres Mandigma, Joseph
Binay, Kayla Manigbas, Catherine & Michael
BISA Manongsong, Jaybee
Biscocho, Hazel Joy Marasigan, Bismark John
Blames, Lyn May Marasigan, Ma. Elaine
Blay, Zarah Ivana Marcial, Shearlene
BMS Pediablader Idea School Marquesses, Jojo
Bool, Karylle Maryknoll College Batch ’73 c/o Amor Baldovino (Various Goods)
Bool, Rex Masilungan, Michael
Borbon, Amor Matibag, Nicole Marie
Borbon, Arianne Mae Matienzo, Jannelle
Borbon, Bianca Mauhay, Jovelyn
Borbon, Rafael Mauhay, Vanessa
Borbon, Rafael Mayate, Abigail Mae
BPHED 2 Melo, Marlon
Budiao, Alexie Alano Mendoza, John Jeffry
Budiao, Jasper Mendoza, Zenaida
Bueanfe, Evangeline Menioza, Angelica Mae
Buenafe, Dennis Menioza, Julieta
Buhat, Maila Menioza, Peejay
Bukid Kabataan Mercado, Romulo
Bukis, Abbey Montalbo-Gonzales, Carmela c/o Marlene Mae
Bukis, Kevin & Tess Mortel, Maria Catherine
c/o Merced Family Mr. & Mrs. Jesabel Medina
Caballes, Joebelle Narvas, Neil
Cabral, Florencia Natalia, Suag
Cabral, Melody Ng, Alyanna Raelyn
Cadiao Margilyn & Oliver Alviar Novicio, Dorothy Delgado
Caguicla, Jemima Grace Ng, Andrea Rizelle
Caiga, Cris Ng, EJ
Calalo, Vergel Nhadine, Dela Roca
Calayan, Veronica Rosalina Nuñez Marielle
Cantos, Kirstien Viankha Ortiz, Jonalyn
Carag, Gina Ortiz, Oliver
Cardasto, Mae Glaizel Padilla, Paolo Andrew
Caringal, Wilnorriene Page, Elijah Anthony M.
Casa, Kristine Paula Panapanaan, Charina
Castillo, Marita Panganiban, Kaycel
Castillo, Marita Panganiban, Lara & Erika
Castillo, Patricia Panganiban, MJ
Castillo, Rona Pangilinan, Judit
Castillo, Xyrus Panopio, Gerella
Catalan, Princess Anjelica Panopio, JJ
Cataquis, Marienela Panopio, Katryn
Catilo, Timothy Amiel Pareja, Gladys
Catral, Gemma & Grade 1 teachers Pelingon, Sid
Catusan Josierine Perez, Aldrin
Cayetano, Rosanna & Zyren Lindsy Cayetano Perez, Alyssa Camille
Cepillo, Lexter Perez, Bryan
Ceres Doyo’s  friends Perez, Christine
Ciceron, Ysn Perez, Honeylyn Mae
Clanor, Carmela Perez, Jianne Lora
Clanor, Louie Quinio, Hannah
Coliat Jan Quino, Eugene
College Alumni Quiñones, Nicole
Comendador, Melba Ramirez, Marissa
Cometa, Heide & Trinidad Ramos, Jimjim
Comia, Al Mark Rayos, Rica Mae
Comia, Jessa May V. Remo, Anel
Comia, Maria Veronica Remo, Dinna
Comia, Sheena Mae Reyes, Anne
Congressman Joseph Violago & Family Reyes, Madelaine Janelle
Contreras, Isabelle Celine Reyes, Merlin
Cornejo, Josemarie Antonio Ricablanca, Carl Edwin
Cruz, Ma. Beatriz Emmelita Ricablanca, Ma. Elena Jean
Cuenza, Albien Ricablanco, V-Jhay
Cueto, Clarence Road Management Cluster/ Director Virgilio Castillo Batch 1969 Elem, 1973 HS c/o Marlene Enriquez-Mae
Cueto, Jelyn Rojas, Madel
Cueto, John Vincent Ronquillo, Emma
Cueto, Martella Daryl Rosales, Jaiden
Cueto, Niño Rosales, Jomelin
Cultura, Fernan & Ycel Rosios, Rosel
CV C. Thelma Rozel Work
Dalang, Erika Vianca & Carnation St., Betzaida Village Homeowners Salas, Yvette
Dane, Maryane Salvame, Harvey Jasper
De Austria, Kier Alyza Feliss Samiento, Renier
De Castro, Alyssah Samonte, Angela
De Castro, Edz Sanohan, Aida
De Chavez, Juryz & Jasmine Santos, Jio Vaughn
De Guzman, Kristine Joy Santos, Rebecca
De Leon, Hana Sarmiento, Atasha
De Leon, Hazel Sarmiento, Rosemarie Corilla
De Torres, Bianca Dominique SBC CFSA (SBC College Dept.)
De torres, Darren Mae SBC ELEM BATCH 89 – c/o Jo Montalbo & Lea Abanilla
De Torres, Llander Aiye SBC Faculty 1970-2010
De Villa, Joshua Glen SBC Grade 4 teachers
Dela Cruz, Angel SBC Junior High School
Delas Alas, Zolo SBC Senior High School
Delen, Elaine SBC STEM7
Delgado, Suzanne SBC-BYTES
Dilag, Trina SBCC Mother & Youth
Dimaala, Chez amy Lanel SBC-College Faculty & Staff Association
Dimaano, Mary Ann SBC-SHS STEM6-Cahill SY-2019-2020
Dimasacat, Vea SBC-STEM8-Conti
Dimauhan, Carla SBS Q.C (students, teachers, alumni)
Dimaunahan, Diosa Seno, Louis Julius
Dinglasan, Aliya Rafaela Serva, Chelsey
Dinglasan, Ivy Servan, Servan
Dinglasan, Jane SHS Faculty, Admin and Staff
Dinglasan, Theodore & Raphael Silva, Maria Krista
Dueñas, Jellvee Joy Siyangbigay, Garry & Sally
Elefante, Trina Smart Review Center
Elem Batch 1969, HS Batch 1973 c/o Tess Palacio & Marlene Enriquez Solis, wendy Anne
Endaya, Grace Sr, Mary, Lilia Flores, RGS
Ero, Aashly Nhevole Sr. Aida’s niece Violago
Espeleta, Editha, HS Batch 90-94 Sr. Mary Ann
Espeleta, Eroll Tyronne St. Bridget School, Quezon City(Parents, Bridgetines, Alumni)
Espeleta, Marc Icko St. Bridget School, Quezon City
Estrella-Alib, Maria Elizabeth Suarez, Marieta
Evangelista, Eunice Sunto, Jay
  Sy, Angela
Fabregas, Loida Tan, Raissa Erika
Faltado, Venize Mari Teddy, De Chavez & Family
Familaran, Dina Telebrico, Chelsea
Family of the late Atty. Simon Agbina Tesorio, Tolentino
Fetalvero, Maria Rusfan Tingchuy, Jonah Shayne
Flores, Lea Tiu, Maria Dolores
Flores, Sheon Ashlie Tolentino, Inean
Focus Global c/o Sr. Tolentino, Shiela
Frane, Kayce Tolentino, Yrra
Fujimi, Suwa, Chino and Okaya Filipino and Japanese Communities  
Gamboa, Alexandria Amor Torino, Cheene
Gamboa, Paul Marvin Torino, Maloi
Gamboa, Tio Family Velano, Keneth
Garcia, Chiela & Family Velasco, Ervin Ya
Garcia, Pamela Veranga Queen Shauntelle
Garcia, Rod Vergara, Juliana
Gatpandan, Ivy Viceral, Angie
Gayoso, Kareen Villareal, Joyce 
Geanne Eloisa Villena, Francine Nicole
Ghargar, Paula Violago Family
Ghargar, Paullyne Visayana, Jasmin
Gloria, Patricia Williams, Kirsten
Goingo, Julianne Xanders, Quisha Dionne
Gomez, Eunice Gayle M. Yolanda Aguda Santiago
Joseph RiceMill(JRM) *For those other anonymous donors


Donors for the Victims of Taal Volcano Eruption.


Acorda, Abigail Babasa De Chavez, Christian
Acorda, Johnlou Dr. Eileen Rose HSU & Nancy Figueroa & Baby Manabat
Acosta, Geoffrey Evangelista, Maria Diane
Aldovino Aira & Bea Aquino Good Shepherd Convent-Sr. Dale Saavedra
Aldovino, Yrra Grachelle Angela
Alegre, Corazon Jabat, Kristine P.
Angelie Ebora Janice Delos Reyes
Aquino, Bea Manalo, Erica Laurice
Arce, Tita M. Mercado, Michelle Marie
Atty. Pastor Michael Edward
Babasa, Honesto Pabito, Rondel Marius
Beraña, Julie Panganiban, Emelba 
Bicol University-Social Work Department Perez, Emmie D.
Bunquin, Jennylyn SBC HS’ 2008 & Canada Donors
Carreon, Shellane St. Bridget College, Quezon City
Cornejo, Josemarie Antonio Terravita Construction c/o Pauleen Gabinete
Cruzat, Deneth *For those other anonymous donors



Abante, Aye Guache, Mary Joy G.
Aclan, Matt Gualter, Precious Gabrielle
Acosta, Agie Guce, Niño
Acosta, Paula Guico-Asis, Jhanelle
Adia, Paulo Guillo, Vivien
Afable, Anielyn Guna, Fil
Agena, Catherine Gupit, Mary Grace
Agillon, Gregondio Gutierrez, JC & Tina
Agtay, Reggie Hernandez, Ceara Inuyasha
Aguila, Ma. Abegail Hernandez, Chrislel
Alano, Marlon Hernandez, Emariza A.
Albances, Rein Hernandez, Family
Aldovino, Yrra Hernandez, Kyle Marie D.
Alea, Herzie Ann Hocbo Family
Alo, Neo Holgado, James Pitt
Alvarez, Jana Erika HS Batch 90-94
Amante, Gabriel John IBEd Faculty Admin & Staff-High School
Amante, Jim-Bert Ibon, Fay Y.
Ambida, Danieise(WJPIC Club) Ibon, James Howell
Andal, Mikaela Denisse Ilagan, Mimi
Angeles, Christine Joy ilagan, Shea
Anonymous from De Joya Illustre, Krysta
Antenor, Christian ituralde, jill Kimberly
Antiro, Jerlyn Jansalin, Alessia
Arasula, Sheena Johnson, Mars
Arcayos, Eden Jusi, Cecilia
Arellano, Tshomlee Labayane, Rocky
Arguelles Family Lalap, Maria Socorro M.
Asi, Angelica Larosa, Liza
Asi, Stella Mae Lavapie, Jewel
Atienza, Danica Legaspi, Aila Marie
Atienza, Darrene Lontoc, Micah Elah
Babao, Fe Lontoc, Rosette & Company
Babao, Ivy Lualhati, Yoel
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SHS researchers partake in International Research Festival

To provide platforms for scholars to exhibit their research works and to engage them in intelligent discussions with other participants, the Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions (SIMP) along with Ascendens Asia Group (AAG) organised the 2nd SIMP- AAG Joint Multidisciplinary Research Festival at The Enderun Colleges, McKinley, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City on November 23, 2019.

With the theme, “Celebrating the Transformative Power of Research”, various participants and observers took part in the said festival, including select research groups from the Senior High School Department of St. Bridget College.

The group of J-zel Adrei Bacal, Anton Emmanuel Barrion, Len Aubrey Cantos, Marion Anne Madlangbayan, and Nicole Yzobelle Perez with the research title “Rice Hull Ash as Metal Polish” along with “Potential Use of Coffea Arabica Grounds as Aedes Aegypti Mosquito Larvicide” of Jianne Lora Perez, Chrystel Klein Mendoza, Ken Shin Villena, and Kaye Anne Pagcaliwagan were chosen as oral presenters and were among the ten “Reviewer’s Choice” Awardee in the conference.

Moreover, “Mussel and Clam Shells as Concrete Aggregate” of Bien Joseph Alvarez, Calvin Reyes, Rhayme Dotig, Kherl Vincent Bagon, and Ralph Joseph Gool received the “Leadership Award”. All three groups were from the STEM strand.

On the other hand, research groups from the HUMSS and ABM strand also presented their works through a poster presentation held in the afternoon.

Furthermore, the abstracts of the research papers accepted and presented in the conference will be digitally published in “Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts| ISSN 2529-7064″.

The students were accompanied and guided by Mrs. Melanie Joy Panganiban and Mr. Lander Ilagan, research advisers from the SHS Department.

-J-zel Adrei Bacal

REFRESH, RETURN, RECYCLE: SBC partakes in bottle recycling

With the continuously increasing usage of plastics in the country, Winder Recycling Company, in partnership with Refresh Water, aroused the consciousness of the senior high school community to the said issue through interactive seminar held at the SBC Gymnasium, August 27.

Engr. Winchester Lemen, the CEO of WRC, has put significance to upcycling and recycling as he discussed the company’s project involving utilization of wastes, especially single-use plastics, by transforming them into something valuable and beneficial to the community, as well as to the future generations.

Aside from the seminar, booths like interactive games in sub-booths and a photo booth were also set up in the gymnasium for a more engaging experiences among students and faculty.

Freebies, including bracelet, metal straws, clipboard and purse made of recyclable materials were also given to students as they participated in at least three of their booths.

Banlasan / Bacal

SHS marks month of Wikang Katutubo

            With the theme Wikang Katutubo: Tungo sa Isang Bansang Filipino, Senior High School learners observed the Buwan ng Wika at the SBC Gymnasium, August 30.

           The program started off with a prayer sung by Ms. Jazel Paula Blanco followed by the singing of the national anthem. Dr. Dolores D. Borras, principal of the Senior High School Level, in her opening message shared the value of the annual celebration that of inculcating love of native languages among Filipino youth.

          The first contest was the Tagisan ng Talino followed by the Balagtasan ala Spoken Word Poetry that was participated by chosen representatives of each section from grade 12. Furthermore, the contest Katutubong Sayaw showcasing the different dances, traditions and rituals of different native tribes, was participated by the grade 12 students. Meanwhile, a jazz chant competition was joined by select grade 11 students. Another competition involving all grade 11 and grade 12 sections was Simbolismo wherein they captured a certain symbol of an indigenous tribe assigned to them and rendered it on their classroom doors.

          The event concluded with the announcement of winners and group photo opportunities of all the winners and participants.

-Banlasan / Cabiscuelas

SBC hailed as the Oldest Catholic School in Batangas

St. Bridget College – Batangas City received a commendation through a resolution from the Batangas City Council as the oldest Catholic Education Institution in Batangas City and has religion subjects in Elementary, High School and College curricula. 

Sr. Mary Clare Bagot , RGS, school president and Dr. Rossana P. Bagon, Integrated Basic Education Department principal  received the plaque of commendation during the regular session of the City Council at Batangas City, on October 1, 2019.  

St. Bridget College is a Catholic school founded by the Religious of the Good Shepherd on February 1, 1913.

Arch. Garcera: Catholic Education is always a tool to lead us to Christ

With their yellow and white flaglets raised, the whole St. Bridget College community warmly received Archbishop Gillbert Garcera on his Pastoral Visit, August 15.

The Pastoral visit was intended to know the situations of different parishes as well as to evaluate the state of Catholic schools under the Archdiocese of Lipa.

The celebration started off with the welcoming remarks of Sr. Mary Clare Bagot, RGS. She introduced the institution through telling its history, on how SBC was formed. It was then followed by the speech of the Archbishop.

On his speech, Archbishop Garcera expressed his deepest gratitude to the institution and the school administration for the warm approach. He also introduced his delegations, as well as his reason for choosing SBC on his visit.

“You should thank the RGS sisters,” he said. “You are the school that is nearest to the church of Pope Francis because the Basilica is a church of Pope Francis.”

Moreover, he also highlighted the relevance of Catholic education as a tool in enlightening minds and leading all to Christ.

He expressed how the students are fortunate enough to experience the culture of encounter- the encounter with Jesus and one another.

Be grateful sapagkat maraming mga kabataan ang hindi nag-aaral, pinag-aral pero walang pinag-aralan, at mga kabataan na hindi na-experience ang encounter with Jesus.”

Furthermore, he stated that he was not the only one visiting, but along with him is the Holy Father and Jesus as well. He also put significance on how each one has its own angels that would lead one to the light who is the Lord.

Moreover, after the speech, several students from all departments and some faculty staffs were chosen to have lunch with the Archbishop and other priests.

 “Sa una, nakakakaba nang kaunti kasi sa dinami-dami ay kayo lang yung napili, tapos ang daming pari, pero ayos naman, sobrang blessed.” Malonie Austria, one of the Senior High students chosen, stated.

The lunch was filled with conversations regarding the institution’s system, its different programs, and the profile of students regarding their actions in various activities such as religious involvements within and outside the school. SBC was the 30th school that have been visited by the Archbishop.

-J-Zel Bacal

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