End VAW campaign kicks off on Nov. 25

As violence against women andchildren affects women’s and girls’general well-being, leaving long-termconsequences that hamper them fromachieving full potential, SBC calls itsGood Shepherd mission partners to becommitted to end violence againstwomen and girls in their families andcommunities through varied activitiesstarting Nov. 25.

A prayer will be recited during advisoryperiod for this purpose from Nov.25 toDec.12, 2021. A poster of the campaign willalso be used as background during virtualclasses, meetings and other assembliesthroughout the 18-day campaign period.

On Nov. 25, the kick off day, Dec. 1, World Aids Day commemoration and Dec. 12, Human Rights Day commemoration, students and employees will wear orange shirt as a way of supporting the advocacy.

Students and teachers are also encouraged to make a one-minute infomercial stating their support in the campaign using the hashtag #VAWfreeSBC or #VAWfreePH. This will be uploaded in SBC social media accounts.

Webinars will also be conducted on Dec.10. Building Protective Behavior Online and Offline will be the topic for elementary pupils, Cyber Safety for junior high school students and Child Sexual Abuse prevention for elementary parents

Ritz Emmanuel Giuseppe A. Medina