Grades 3 to 6 pupils hone leadership skills

With the theme “Jesus as a Model of Servant Leadership”, grades 3 to 6 student leaders attended the leadership training via zoom, Sept. 25.

Eros Nikolai Melo, a Grade 4 pupil led the opening prayer while the IBED assistant principal, Mrs. Jesabel Medina gave a welcome address. She stressed the purpose of leadership training which was to nurture and develop various leadership qualities as the student leaders serve and lead their fellow classmates.

Atty. Alyssa Cruz, one of the city councilors of Batangas City and an alumna of SBC served as the resource person.

“We can be a leader in almost any field we choose as long as we have what it takes to be a leader,” Cruz said.

She added that if one wanted to be an effective leader, one must first learn and know how to be a servant leader.

According to her, all leaders should be servant leaders to ensure better collaboration and strong commitment, trust, and loyalty of members. This in turn will produce skilled, talented, knowledgeable, and motivated employees who will help improve the overall operations and management of the organization.

Her best example of a servant leader is none other than Jesus himself because of his great humility and compassion. She wanted all the student leaders to learn from Jesus that although He is wise and all-knowing He has chosen to be a servant.

“Servant leaders must care for their team on a personal level and acknowledge the importance of their responsibility,” she added.

As a final message, she wished all the student leaders to become effective servants just as Jesus did.

At the end of the program, Thalia Vannah Franceis Israel, a Grade 6 pupil, gave a message of gratitude and appreciation to the guest speaker. A special sending off activity was conducted where all student leaders took their oath as servant leaders in a simple prayer service.

Maria Sophia Andrea I. Dayanghirang