Human Library breaks stereotypes

Grades 4 to 6 pupils participated in the virtual Human Library event, one of the highlights of the Literacy Week, Sept.16.

After the prayer led by Mrs. Wilma Andal, Grades 5 and 6 English teacher, Mrs. Jesabel Medina, the IBED Assistant Principal reminded everyone the purpose of Literacy Week which are to develop a passion for reading and writing for younger levels and to hone information literacy skills such as research skills, critical thinking skills, computer technology skills and communication skills for upper levels.

Select students read the chosen story of the intermediate level “My Mother Only Had One Eye”, aheartwarming story of a disabled mother’s love for her son.

Mrs. Anabel Arellano, thereafter, introduced the resource speaker, Mr. Dexter Medallion, a person withdisability (PWD) who shared about his similar experiences with the boy in the story. His bravery and dedicationenabled him to pursue his dreams and finish his education. Books, his teachers throughout the time he was notable to stay in school, opened his eyes to the world. Despite the discrimination, bullying and hardships he faced,he maintained focused and determined on obtaining his goals. Thus, he was accelerated from first year to fourthyear in his high school years. He believes that disability does not deter individuals from achieving their dreams.

Learners were also given the opportunity to further know Mr. Medallon through a question and answer activity.

“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip,” Mr. Medallion stated. He truly encouraged the children with reading books as it will help them broaden their horizons and help them appreciate the world around them.

Certificate of appreciation was presented to Mr. Medallon. Thalia Vannah Franceis Israel, Student Councilpresident uttered the message of gratitude for Mr. Medallon while Mrs. Lea Abacan, the English Coordinator inher closing remarks asked everyone to spread love and acceptance.

Emilia Vitalyanna Lat Dalangin