Ignite solidarity in fulfilling the mission-Mrs. Manalo

Dream. Inspire. Explore

Mrs. Bernadette I. Manalo, new college dean, as she delivers her speech highlighting her hopes and dreams for the college department.

“To become a college dean is both a privilege and responsibility. Additionally, I strongly urge everyone to continue looking out to the needs and challenges of our community.

   We should press forward in the mission of education fostering competent and compassionate persons of integrity. We will work collaboratively to fulfill this mission especially in the realization of our desired outcomes in the college community”.

Mrs. Bernadette I. Manalo, college dean, professed to Sibul staff about her vision for the college department this first semester of service.

“We will uphold our desire to promote women, justice, peace and integrity of creation (WJPIC), the thrust of our institution. Moreover, we will enrich extra-curricular activities to exercise solidarity and unity.”

Meanwhile, she reiterated the development of the college department in ensuring conducive learning environment and outstanding services.

“We are rooting for quality education that our collegiate deserve. The full adoption and implementation of outcomes-based education in all programs in the college department is on process.”

“Also we are improving our facilities. Our newly renovated Registrar’s office will always be available to serve you better. You are now comfortable studying in air-conditioned and newly painted classrooms.”

Aside from those, Mrs. Manalo is looking forward for more activities and programs in all courses especially under the Education and Social Work programs. Maintaining academic feat for licensure examinations is part of the legacy.

Furthermore, she envisioned to provide courses which are service-related and in-demand globally. According to her, this will provide strong marketing and promotion for the college department.

Mrs. Manalo shared this as she thanked the collective effort of the administration especially the support of the Religious of the Good Shepherd (RGS) sisters to grant those blessings.

“It is nice to be back. Actually, becoming a dean means serving and it’s always both an honor and pleasure for me. I am glad because of so many blessings that we received in the beginning of the semester. It is indeed a milestone to be treasured.”

Thus, she expressed her support to the curriculum stakeholders about future activities like seminars, training, and workshops for students to gain experiences relevant in their future career.

“To our college faculty, staff and students, join me in this journey. Together, let us continue to dream, walk, and work with camaraderie. Our mission has just begun, but with your support and dedication we will surely achieve our vision for the college department. May Jesus shine through us,” she ended.

-Romo D. Sanvictores BSED3