Anchored on Marie Kondo’s concept that tidying is universal, Ms. Issa Guico Reyes, a professional home organizer and KonMari consultant, campaigned its advocacy that homemaking is for everyone during the Neat Obsession webinar for parents and guardians, September 29.

Ms. Reyes, enlightened and inspired individuals in tidying-up and making their homes and work places a better place.

She shared the Homeward Technique designed for Filipinos with the following three steps: sorting, detaching, and rehoming. Sorting is knowing what you have and creating a category while not over thinking of throwing everything away. Detaching on the other hand is a more in-depth process wherein there’s a need to understand what you need, involving emotional but manageable questions on practicing ownership based on certain role. While, rehoming is accepting what is left, being intentional with your space, practicing creativity, using the right tools to help with efficiency and having the ability to tell a story.

Techniques and tips were also given like adapting with the ever-changing season, maximizing the vacant walls like making peg-boards as inspiration and exercising creativity like turning a simple caddy organizer into a multifunctional one.

Ms. Reyes also shared that if there is one thing you must have control in your life, it should be the things that you own. Never let it overpower you mentally and emotionally. As ending, she shared that one must embrace his/her season and to simply just enjoy the process of homemaking.

Ms. Reyes, an alumna of St. Bridget College also published the book, “Neat Obsessions”.

Angelika Sophia L. Iturralde