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“The Good Shepherd does not want even one of God’s children to be lost in the chaos of the times.”

-St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier

The world today is characterized by so much fluidity that everything seems to be fleeting. Information technology makes our world fast-changing and borderless. Any event, small or big can be shared so fast through social media. The cyber space opens itself to infinite networks that one can easily be lost and be found as well. While our students enjoy this platform for free expression, parents and teachers need to combine their efforts to guide them not to go astray. Technology could be both a boon and a bane to them depending on how they use it and to what purpose.

Our students, now called the centennials, the generation that has never known a world without the internet need to be flexible, creative, critical and innovative, and socially communicative to survive and succeed. But let me add to this list of competencies by stressing the time-valued virtues that St. Bridget College inculcate among its graduates. The school core values of Zeal, Integrity, Nationalism, Courage, Justice and Service are all equally important. These values cut across those generations of Bridgetines starting with the traditionalists or silent generations, baby boomers, generation X, Millenials to iGen or Centennials who all passed and will still pass through our school blue gate. These values should be kept alive within us so that we can bring it out and shine it out. The school motto “Luceat Lux Vestra” remains constant through the times.

The real challenge is how to keep constant amidst the great change we are facing every day. The school stands firmly on its ground to produce Bridgetines who excel academically while preserving these Good Shepherd values. This school website is created to facilitate our joining the internet world and through it provide avenue for internal learning activities and provide stakeholders with front-end to school documentaries and resources hosted locally.

As the one in charge of St. Bridget College, it is my hope and my prayer that we may all be properly and appropriately informed through this electronic publication. To paraphrase St. Mary Euphrasia:  let us not allow our children to be lost in the chaos of this world.

May we all find this school website informative and useful.

God bless to St. Bridget College and to all its stakeholders!


Sr. Mary Clare Bagot, RGS
School President