The COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges, disrupting lives on a scale no one has imagined and hitting hard on economies and governments, as well as educational institutions globally. Despite the limitations, schools are mandated to ensure that learning is continuously taking place.

We could see that even after the lockdowns are lifted, social distancing will most likely be the new normal for all of us.

We all crave the calm of normalcy, but easing restriction protocols, and resuming operations at educational institutions may not likely happen right away. Life is too precious to trade for education at the classroom.

With all these physical barriers, we’ve been challenged to think about innovations in delivering instructions beyond the classrooms to ensure continuity of learning. We are challenged even more to innovate and reinvent ways adaptable to the school year opening to ensure the safety of our learners and educators. I would say this is an unprecedented time that calls for an unprecedented measure.

I would like to share with you how St. Bridget College, Integrated Basic Education envisions schooling for School Year 2020-2021.

1. Delivery of instruction

  • Flexible delivery of instruction will be put in place. The school will pursue online learning using the learning management system (LMS) as the main platform in the first quarter of SY 2020-2021, with the option to shift to blended learning if the situation allows. Blended learning combines online teaching with traditional place-based classroom methods. Learners are required to buy textbooks and other educational materials for use during online and face-to-face sessions. We are also encouraging your participation, our dear parents and guardians, in this endeavor as we believe in your capability to be the school’s best learning coach-partners.
  • The whole community of St. Bridget College, Integrated Basic Education department, including administration and faculty, are currently undergoing a training for this unprecedented shift. We are also wrapping up a training module for parents and guardians to familiarize you to the LMS learning environment. We will notify you once this has been made available.
  • Should parents encounter difficulty in the online learning delivery mode, our telephone line (702-7725) is always open to accommodate your queries. The school will make necessary adjustments to ensure continuity of learning.

2. Academic Calendar

  • As recommended by the Department of Education, the school calendar will start in August and end on April 30, 2021. Online enrolment at the Integrated Basic Education department will start on June 15 until July 10. Official classes begin on August 25 and end as scheduled on April 30, 2021. We will have our pre-opening of classes which will done on the first two weeks of August.

3. Matriculation

  • We completely understand that most families are facing financial difficulties due to this pandemic. Hence, the school administration unanimously decided NOT TO INCREASE this year’s tuition fees for all grade levels. The Board of Trustees (BOT) approved five thousand minimum down payment. There will be three payment scheme for this school year that you can choose from. Five thousand (5,000) or ten thousand (10,000) down payment with balances payable in nine months or full payment.

4. School Campus

  • We will be extra cautious in ensuring the safety of everyone in coming to school. Safety and precautionary measures will be strictly observed. These include adjustments to the use of campus facilities. We will share with you further updates and additional details in the coming days. All plans will be in accordance with the guidelines set by the government.

Despite the challenges ahead, St. Bridget College will continue in its commitment of educating our learners to become the beacon of excellence, useful citizens, and practicing Christians. Thank you and we look forward to a continuous partnership with you in educating your children. St. Mary Euphrasia and St. John Eudes’ legacy of zeal shines more brightly in the face of difficulties. May they inspire and accompany us as we move forward with courage during these trying times.