Parents Session on Enriching Family’s Mental Health

To strengthen the bonds within families and help them understand each other, parents and guardians attended the annual Virtual Parenting Session with the topic “Enriching Family’s Mental Health” last September 25, 2021.

The webinar started at 10am through a Zoom webinar attended by Grade 11 & 12 students’ parents. The resource speaker, Michele S. Alignay, Ph.D., RP, RGC, talked about the do’s and don’ts that will improve the family members’ mental health, leading to a positive and healthy environment in the household.

“The talk is very effective and is really relatable during these trying times. It made us remember that we should always prioritize our mental health, and it is very important to ask to our children if they’re okay. However, I also saw this as a way for the parents and their children to have a better communication with each other.”, stated Ma. Chelsea Sandra Gonzales, a student from Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM).

“Parenting Session entitled ‘Enriching Family’s Mental Health’ that was held last September 25 was a very big help to us, parents especially in this time of pandemic. Dr. Michele Alignay, the guest speaker, gave us a lot of useful information and very practical ways on how we can handle our children well and make them open up more to us. To sum it up, it was a very enlightening parenting session.”, Lorina Marasigan, a parent, said in an interview.          Through this virtual session, the St. Bridget Senior High School Department aims to improve the mental health of family members and guide them on how to understand and better help one another through this tough time. The talk was organized by the Guidance Office in-charge –Mrs. Rona Manalo, the Counselor and Ms. Patricia Haplos, the Associate Guidance Counselor.

Alyzza Carylle Dimaano