SBC Alumna and former SHEEP President Yoel Lualhati bags JCI’s Youth Leadership Excellence Award

Carlos Kim Raphael Perez

Victory Emmanuelle “Yoel” Lualhati, who served as the SHEEP President last S.Y. 2019-2020, was awarded the Youth Leadership Excellence Award by JCI Batangas Caballero, a nonprofit organization, last July 10, 2020 during the Virtual Youth Leadership Seminar.

She is one of the 25 ‘young and excellent youth leaders’ by JCI for 2020 and was qualified for the award during her tenure as the SHEEP President last school year.

The other youth leaders who bagged the award came from different public and private schools in Batangas City.

Yung mga kasama ko doon, are not just leaders in school but also active leaders in their communities,” she said.

The award is a national award, but recipients were per sector.

Youth leaders from different schools and universities can be eligible for the award.

“The award itself is also a responsibility, since after the awarding we attended another seminar regarding Coral Bleaching,” she clarified.


When asked how the members of the youth today can act as leaders in today’s world, she stated that the youth, particularly the Generation Z, is in a fight against conformity.

“What I meant by conformity is, we are in a fight against traditions that appear to be oppressive,” she stated.

For her, the members of the youth have the power, and they are no longer in the era of not using it. When asked on the youth’s power, she reminded them to “Be strong, assertive, and bold. Most importantly, register and VOTE!”

YOUTH POWER. This is what former SHEEP President and SBC Alumna Yoel Lualhati portrayed enabling her to be awarded JCI’s Youth Leadership Excellence Award on JCI Batangas Caballero’s Virtual Youth Leadership Seminar last July 10, 2020.