SBC imposes week-long Health Break

One week after the reopening of classes, St. Bridget College implemented a “Health Break” last January 17 up until January 24 to give students and staffs time to rest as threats from COVID-19 infections increase.

COVID-19 cases in the Philippines soared after the holidays starting on December 3, with 2,961 reported cases to 39,004 new cases last January 15, according to the latest data from the Department of Health.

This sudden rise of COVID cases and concerns about the worsening health condition of most teachers and students prompted different schools in the Philippines to implement a break from academic work.

The health break allotted for Bridgetine faculty, staff, and students was originally from January 17-19, then was extended up to January 24 to give more time for those who got sick to recover.

“The implementation of health break allowed me to take care of my health and recover from the symptoms that I’ve experienced. Also, it allowed me to recharge and regain my focus for the 2nd semester since I’m a graduating student and I’ve been really bothered by the sudden increase of Covid cases.” Paula Gabrielle Acosta from STEM 7 – Sr. M. Consuelo Chuidian stated.

The said health break also gave the faculty and staff needed time to rest and relax according to Ms. Vanessah Rosas, faculty member from SHS level. “I think it helped a lot. It serves as a breather for us teachers as well na nakakafeel minsan ng burnout. I was able to focus more on my emotions and recollect my thoughts. Salamat at nakapahinga tayong lahat,” Ms. Rosas said.

Miguel Tolentino