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    Despite being a very challenging year, we punctuated this School Year 2020-2021 with thankful hearts. More than ever, our faith in God’s loving providence and protection was greatly felt and manifested this past year. On behalf of the entire SBC-SHS administration and teaching force, I extend our gratitude to all our parents, students, benefactors and the Religious of the Good Shepherd, most particularly to Sr. Mary Clare Bagot, RGS., the school President and the SBC EXECOM Team for their trust, cooperation and support to the Senior High School level. We also remember in prayers, the members of our Senior High School community especially our students and their families who have experienced and still are experiencing weary hearts because of the effects of this pandemic. May God comfort and heal them, and His mercy be upon them.

    For the first time, I took the courage to govern and manage in the manner with which I, as an administrator was never trained nor prepared for the longest time in my administrative career.  The pandemic and all its ensuing disruptions on the normal flow of life in school and outside had shaken us all. We confronted the challenge, we rolled up our sleeves and we dive into the unknown. Paradigm shift and preparations were done, and series of adjustment were injected time and again. We have drawn upon the wealth of knowledge, creativity and flexibility of all our faculty and students.  Online teaching was tough!  Internet connection is a real issue. To try to build relationships with parents and learners from certain distances was hard. But one thing I realized as very important in this time of crisis is listening. The in-depth knowledge I got from talking and listening to our learners, administrators, teachers and parents proved very essential in realizing our goals.  The grace and the inspiration, I was able to receive from God during my constant private communion with Him and during our communal prayers as an institution had kept all of us in St. Bridget College to pull through and prevail.

    As we continue educating and evangelizing the young, amidst this CoVID 19 pandemic, we remain resolute to continue our mission of offering excellence in education and providing opportunities to develop Spiritually guided Christians, Brilliant beacon of academic excellence and Committed individuals to social transformation. Failures along the way were met but the most important learning I got is that these trying moments invited all of us to become more connected though divided by distance in this period of uncertainty. Thanks to the gift of technology and ICT skills of our teachers and support staff.  In the end, we managed to continue our goal of innovating, mobilizing and transforming. And we came out from the experience better and bolder.

    As Pope Benedict XVI said: “Everything in this world will pass away. In eternity only, Love will remain.”

    Dr. Dolores D. Borras

  • Senior High School Personnel

     S.Y. 2021-2022


    Dr. Dolores D. Borras

    Middle Level

    Academic Coordinator

    Dr. Daisy C. Aguda

    Mrs. Maria Grace D. Contreras

    Mrs. Gemma M. Manalo

    Non-Academic Coordinator

    Mrs. Marissa C. Agtay (part time)

    Mrs. Ronalyn F. Manalo (part time)

    Mrs. Julieta R. Medrano (part time)

    Mrs. Shirlie G. Ayalin

    Faculty (Full Time)

    Ms. Jean Lorren D. Bagon

    Mr. John Rey V. Banlasan

    Ms. Jazel Paula B. Blanco

    Ms. Lea Chariz A. Castillo

    Ms. Jean Valerie S. Collera

    Ms. Mary An Kathleen D. Dimayacyac

    Ms. Mabel R. Frane

    Mrs. Krisza I. Matining

    Mrs. Isabel Orayan

    Mr. Isidro C. Pelingon

    Ms. Cristine I. Untalan

    Faculty (Part Time)

    Ms. Elizabeth Brun

    Mr. Edwin B. Castillote

    Mr. Reniel L. Landicho

    Mrs. Mellany Joy G. Panganiban

    Mr. Jomel F. Rebulado

    Ms. Vanessah B. Rosas

    Ms. Jessa Mae C. Vilela

    Non-Teaching Personnel

    Administrative Staff

    Ms. Mary Grace A. Rivera

    Guidance Associate

    Ms. Patricia N. Haplos (part time)

    Information Tech. Staff

    Mr. Jonelyne B. Ramos

    Library Staff

    Mr. Luisito B.  Clanor

    Registrar’s Staff

    Mrs. Alexza P. Magtibay

    Maintenance Staff

    Myrna P. Fabonan

    Benjamin A. Ramos


    A. Requirements
    1. Incoming Grade 11 Students
    Must passed the placement test in his chosen strand given by the guidance office.
    They are required to submit the following;

    a. Report Card (original copy)
    b. Baptismal Certificate (original and photocopy)
    c. Birth certificate (original and photocopy)

     2. Transferees
    Must passed the admission test given by the guidance office. They are required to submit the following:

    a. Report Card (original copy)
    b. Baptismal Certificate (original and photocopy)
    c. Birth Certificate (original and photocopy)
    d. Certificate of good moral character
    e. Transfer of credential or honorable dismissal

    B. Enrolment Procedure

    Grade 11 Students

    1. Interview and Placement Exam
    2. Submission of requirements and registration form to the Registrar’s Office
    3. Present the forms to the Advisor, then to the Assessor and have them checked by the assigned Checker.
    4. Pay all fees and books to the Finance Office.
    5. Get books from the teacher-in-charge.

    Grade 12 Students

    1. Present Report Card
    2. Submit the pre-registration form to the advisor and then to the Assessor and Checker
    3. Pay all fees and books to the Finance Office.
    4. Get books from the teacher.

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