St. Bridget College is proud of you Atty. Maria Kristina Conti!

Atty. Maria Kristina “Krissy” Conti received the 2021 Glory Awards last November 27, 2021 through a Virtual Awarding Ceremony. This prestigious award is given by the UP College of Mass Communications to their outstanding alumni in recognition of their excellent work and impact to the communities they serve.

 Atty. Krissy Conti is a human rights advocate who has defended jailed journalists, student activists, political prisoners, urban poor evictees, and quarantine “violators” during the pandemic. She helped prosecute Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan, accused in the kidnapping and disappearance of UP students Karen Empeno and Sherlyn Cadapan, leading to his conviction. She also serves in the legal team that is assisting the families of persons killed during the government’s war on drugs. Atty. Krissy Conti was a graduate of St. Bridget College, Grade School Batch 1996

For Saints Only

November 1 or All Saints Day has always been celebrated by having Halloween parties and visiting the dead. Yet, although it is called All Saints Day many seem to have forgotten to commemorate the saints.

As declared by Pope Gregory III this day should be solely for the saints. However, it has turned into a day of parties, costumes, jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating for kids and adults. The spookier, the scarier, the merrier… This has been the theme of costume parties.

In 2019, St. Bridget College started the Parade of Saints to honor the saints and to start a new way of celebrating All Saints Day. Students dressed up as their favorite saint and went to parade from the Immaculate Conception of Basilica to the city and back. Last year, the March of Saints went virtual due to pandemic.

This year, SBC will have the online march of saints on November 3, 2021, with the theme SANCTUS: A Virtual Walk with the Saints. They will be featuring six saints namely St. Mary Euphrasia, St. Pedro Calungsod, St. Therese of the Child Jesus, St. Joseph, St. Francis of Assissi and Blessed Carlo Acutis. Fr. Cyrus Gonzales, OSJ and an alumnus will dress up as St. Joseph together with students from the elementary, junior high school , senior high school and college students who will also try to dress up the mentioned saints.

The lives of the saints including their prayer life, and a reflection on their lives will be the highlights in Sanctus.

According to the organizers, aside from reclaiming the sacredness of All Saints Day, the march of saints is a reminder of our destiny as Christians, to be holy and to be saints.

May this tradition continues and spread so that November 1 will really be for Saints only.

Emilia Vitalyanna Dalangin


Anchored on Marie Kondo’s concept that tidying is universal, Ms. Issa Guico Reyes, a professional home organizer and KonMari consultant, campaigned its advocacy that homemaking is for everyone during the Neat Obsession webinar for parents and guardians, September 29.

Ms. Reyes, enlightened and inspired individuals in tidying-up and making their homes and work places a better place.

She shared the Homeward Technique designed for Filipinos with the following three steps: sorting, detaching, and rehoming. Sorting is knowing what you have and creating a category while not over thinking of throwing everything away. Detaching on the other hand is a more in-depth process wherein there’s a need to understand what you need, involving emotional but manageable questions on practicing ownership based on certain role. While, rehoming is accepting what is left, being intentional with your space, practicing creativity, using the right tools to help with efficiency and having the ability to tell a story.

Techniques and tips were also given like adapting with the ever-changing season, maximizing the vacant walls like making peg-boards as inspiration and exercising creativity like turning a simple caddy organizer into a multifunctional one.

Ms. Reyes also shared that if there is one thing you must have control in your life, it should be the things that you own. Never let it overpower you mentally and emotionally. As ending, she shared that one must embrace his/her season and to simply just enjoy the process of homemaking.

Ms. Reyes, an alumna of St. Bridget College also published the book, “Neat Obsessions”.

Angelika Sophia L. Iturralde

Human Library breaks stereotypes

Grades 4 to 6 pupils participated in the virtual Human Library event, one of the highlights of the Literacy Week, Sept.16.

After the prayer led by Mrs. Wilma Andal, Grades 5 and 6 English teacher, Mrs. Jesabel Medina, the IBED Assistant Principal reminded everyone the purpose of Literacy Week which are to develop a passion for reading and writing for younger levels and to hone information literacy skills such as research skills, critical thinking skills, computer technology skills and communication skills for upper levels.

Select students read the chosen story of the intermediate level “My Mother Only Had One Eye”, aheartwarming story of a disabled mother’s love for her son.

Mrs. Anabel Arellano, thereafter, introduced the resource speaker, Mr. Dexter Medallion, a person withdisability (PWD) who shared about his similar experiences with the boy in the story. His bravery and dedicationenabled him to pursue his dreams and finish his education. Books, his teachers throughout the time he was notable to stay in school, opened his eyes to the world. Despite the discrimination, bullying and hardships he faced,he maintained focused and determined on obtaining his goals. Thus, he was accelerated from first year to fourthyear in his high school years. He believes that disability does not deter individuals from achieving their dreams.

Learners were also given the opportunity to further know Mr. Medallon through a question and answer activity.

“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip,” Mr. Medallion stated. He truly encouraged the children with reading books as it will help them broaden their horizons and help them appreciate the world around them.

Certificate of appreciation was presented to Mr. Medallon. Thalia Vannah Franceis Israel, Student Councilpresident uttered the message of gratitude for Mr. Medallon while Mrs. Lea Abacan, the English Coordinator inher closing remarks asked everyone to spread love and acceptance.

Emilia Vitalyanna Lat Dalangin

Literacy fever hits Bridgetines

It is lit to be literate!

Bridgetines felt this tagline through varied activities that the English Department prepared in celebration of the Literacy Week this September.

The Human Library which featured personalities who have the same story of the chosen books by the grade levels created impact to the pupils. For primary learners, the invited guest speaker is Dr. John Mari Delgado, a Bridgetine dentist who inspired children to pursue their dreams while for intermediate pupils, Mr. Dexter Medallon, a government employee who despite his physical limitations continued his education.

“The learners are thirsty for stories shared by others.” This was the realization of Mrs. Lea Abacan, English coordinator as she shared the result of the evaluation conducted among the learners and teachers.

Aside from Human Library, Talk Tuesdays which is aired in the IBED Facbook page featured alumni who ares haring the role of reading in their lives and career. Among the sharers are Ms. Arvel De Mesa, Ms. Sunshine Blanco, Mr. Jiggy Patrocinio and Ms. Steph Landicho.
According to Mrs. Abacan the response of alumni to the invitation for Talk Tuesdays is overwhelming that it will be extended until November, the reading month.

Meanwhile, in coordination with the Instructional Media Center, the book promotion activity in every class also became possible. An essay writing contest anchored also on the Literacy theme, “Literacy for a Human Centered Recovery: Narrowing the Digital Divide” was also held for Grades 5 and 6.

Sophia Marteena Magpantay and Ritz Emmanuel Giuseppe Medina

SBC ranks 4th in Social Worker Licensure Exam 2021; SW graduate in the top notch

St. Bridget College radiated brilliant light as Bridgetine Social Workers reaped laurels in the Social Work Licensure Examination (SWLE) held on August 24-26, 2021.

Based on the result that the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) released on September 2, St. Bridget College ranked fourth in list of Top Performing Schools in the said Social Work board exam.

Among the 100 Social Work schools with board takers, SBC is included in the top in terms of overall performance as it garnered 83.33 passing percentage for its 12 examinees.

Moreover, a Bridgetine Social Work graduate, Angel Grace A. Atienza, emerged as Top 10 in the roster of topnotchers and successful examinees.

Atienza, an academic achiever and active leader of their batch, graduated cum laude and  recipient of other awards including SBC Bayanihan Award for Active Participation in Extra Curricular Activities (Medal), SBC Leadership Award (Medal), and St. Mary Euphrasia Award (Certificate).

Nine other Bridgetine Social Work graduates of Batch 2020 and 2006 made it in the licensure exam.

These include Ariane Joy P.  Anoñuevo, Rose Marie F. Bayeta, Dondon E. Borbon, Ederlyn M. De Chavez, Richelle B. Evangelista, Vanieza Joy S. Galario, Iea Joy M. Lira, Gingerlyne D. Panganiban and Angela M. Cay of Batch 2006.  

A total of 1,621 examinees took the licensure exam but only 612 successful examinees passed with 37.75% passing percentage.

Sharing her thoughts about the achievement of the institution and the Social Work Program, Mrs. Rona T. Mendez, Social Work program chairperson, said that St. Bridget College has been consistent with its high passing rate and garnered 100% passing percentage for eight consecutive years.

Grateful for the achievement, she recognized the value of the Social Work enhancement programs, training of partner agencies in Field Instruction courses, and assistance of Social Work alumni in the preparation of Social Work graduates for the board exam.

Meanwhile, Dr. Amor Borbon, college dean, also expressed her joy as she congratulated the Social Work board passers.

According to her, the institution is deeply blessed by the honor that they have given to St. Bridget College. “This is truly a great inspiration for us to work on achieving our mission in this time of pandemic,” she further added.

Jade Kathleen A. Dolor

Marasigan bags bronze in Spoken Poetry Contest

Bismark John Marasigan secures podium position in the Spoken Poetry Contest sponsored by Hon. Claudette Ambida in partnership with JCI Batangas Caballero last August 31 in celebration of the Buwan ng Wika.

Bismark John Marasigan, HUMSS 1 – Mo. Domitilla Larouse, bags 3rd place respresenting St. Bridget College in the Spoken Poetry Contest themed “Sa Makabagong Edukasyon, Mag-aaral, Kumusta ka?”.

Board Member Claudette Ambida saw the event’s significance as to go forward even with the pandemic, “…gagawin ko pa ba ito o itutuloy ko pa ba, kasi kita ko yung urge ng mga bata, na may talento talaga yung mga bata… …kung bakit pa natin ginagawa ito kasi po naniniwala tayo na kailangan po nating buhayin ang tradisyong Batangas, ang tradisyong Pilipino, ang kulturang Pilipino.”

BM Ambida expressed her gratitude towards DepEd Batangas and the Batangas City Private Schools Association (BCPRISA) as this year’s being one of the biggest ever held compared to the previous competitions with a total of 18 private schools participating all around Batangas City.

“I recognize the significance of competitions and activities like this spoken poetry contest, which allow us, as students, to showcase our talents and skills. These events serve as a symbol of hope and light for everybody, proving that by speaking up, we can bring change and, in fact, improve our society,” Bismark stated concerning the importance of these events during the pandemic.

The winners were announced through the Balisong News Channel on the 3rd of September with the participants present via Zoom.

The three winners received cash prizes while the rest received a consolation prize of 1,000 pesos.

All the 18 participants would be subject to the Education Assistance Program of the Provincial Government of Batangas for the next semester.

Miguel E. Tolentino

Webinar sharpens leadership skills among Bridgetines

To hone their leadership skills and learn from the speaker’s experience, student-leaders and class officers from St. Bridget College Senior High School level attended a webinar organized by the Senior High Executive Envoy Panel (SHEEP) on September 11 via Zoom meeting.

 With the theme “Virtual Leadership: Challenges and Compromises,” Mr. Paul Marvin Gamboa, Bridgetine alumnus and current Literature teacher in Ateneo De Manila Junior High School led the webinar, which focused on leadership in the face of a pandemic, as well as the challenges of leading in an online environment.

“Leadership is being for others. More than your individuality, it is the community that you should take into consideration when you are a leader. It does not mean losing yourself in the process but to always make sure that you get to be a person for the people,” Adreinne Valerie Gato, SHEEP President, shared in a statement.

Mr. Gamboa provided approaches and effective strategies for handling a group in an online setting and delved deeper into leadership by reminding the leaders of the key attributes a leader should have, as this is the second year of learning in an online setting.

Student leaders also had the opportunity to ask the speaker about his past experiences and personal opinions about various leadership experiences and challenges.

For her closing remarks, Mrs. Gemma Manalo, HUMMS Strand Coordinator, commended the leaders for their bravery in leading in the middle of the pandemic and expressed her gratitude to everyone who contributed to the webinar’s success.

Bismark John Marasigan, SHEEP Vice President, and Krysta Ilustre, Grade 11 Batch Representative, hosted the webinar.

Teresa Claire C. Agtay

Bridgetine talents shine at Singapore Challenge Cup 2021

Ma. Chelsea Sandra Gonzales and Chelsey Danielle Serva, of St. Bridget College Performing Arts Office – Repertory Brigid win silver on the Singapore Challenge Cup Dance Competition (SCCDC) last September 25.

Oversighted by the SBC Performing Arts Office, representatives from the Repertory Brigid Ma. Chelsea Sandra Gonzales of ABM1-Mo. Vitalis Winkler and Chelsey Danielle Serva of 10-Generosity, won 2nd place in the Modern Duo/Trio category piece titled “Talpak” (Cockfight).

There were 614 participants worldwide that submitted their performances, styles ranging from classical ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, and contemporary.

The goal of the Singapore Challenge Cup is to promote dance culture and to provide a platform for practice and experience sharing for young dancers and professionals. Mr. Cir Anthon-Paolo Garing, PAO-RB’s artistic director served as their mentor/trainer.

Miguel E. Tolentino

SBC Online Payment in the New Normal

Covid19 has changed our lives. As we together adapt to the new normal following the government guidelines, we have to find new ways.  Enrolment and payment now has to be online.   In response to this challenge, St. Bridget College has subscribed to an online payment solution with Dragonpay.  You can now pay your fees online in the comfort of your home or over the counter at a bank/outlet most accessible to you. Because we care for you and your loved ones, we want you to be safe as you do your transactions with us.

You may now pay through the following secure online and over the counter payment  facilities:

  • Online Banking – an Internet payment that is debited against your bank account in real time.
  • Over -the- Counter (OTC) Banking  –  walk-in to a branch of  any of the Dragonpay supported banks to make a deposit-payment over- the- counter.
  • Over – the- Counter (OTC) Non- Banks  –  walk -in to any branch of Dragonpay partners to make a payment over – the – counter.

In all these payment methods,  Dragonpay will monitor the SBC account activities and send an electronic notification to us once a deposit-payment is detected.  A flat twenty Pesos (P20.00) service fee per transaction will be charged by Dragonpay.

You can access the SBC online payment portal in our SBC website through this link   

Fill up online payment form to indicate email address, student number, student name, grade level,  purpose and amount of payment.  You will then be directed to Dragonpay portal to proceed  according to your payment option.

Recording of your payment in SBC Student Account Ledger is within two to three days. We suggest that you pay during office hours as some payment facilities are offline from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

If you need further assistance, please call any of the following numbers: SBC Finance – (043) 702-2260; IBED – Tel. Nos.(043) 702-7725/ (043) 702-7726 ; Cp Nos. 09457134334; SHS –  Cp Nos. 09197022836/09974868108/09996925718  ; College (043) 723-3616/09088159707.