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(WJPIC) thrust is the direction that propels the Religious of the Good Shepherd and consequently, St. Bridget College, to actualize Jesus’ compassion in the ministry of education.
To live a life which is WJPIC- directed sharpens our Christian commitment and enables us to live out the values of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, in the context of the realities of our world today.

The challenge is to deepen one’s understanding of the WJPIC perspective which is a holistic way of looking at events and realities  based on the interconnection of issues and concerns of women, justice and peace and integrity of creation.
Some of the WJPIC activities that are being implemented are:

  1. Integration of the WJPIC perspective in the curriculum and lesson planning
  2. Proactive responses in minimizing or avoiding the use of plastics and styrofoams, using “bayong” and paper bags
  3. Revitalizing advocacy programs in the school community
  4. Observing Earth Hour every Thursday

Women’s Economic Empowerment

The Magna Carta of Women (MCW) moves for the empowerment of women in all spheres of development. It seeks to eliminate discrimination through the recognition, protection, fulfillment and promotion of the rights of Filipino women, especially those belonging in the marginalized sectors of the society that include the poor. The MCW promotes gender equality which plays a pivotal role in the fight against poverty. Through its provisions, the MCW levels up the playing field by making productive resources and economic opportunities equally available for both men and women.

Generally, women do not control family properties and decision-making rights on the use of income, further limiting opportunities to break the poverty cycle. Women’s economic empowerment through the MCW is deemed crucial in putting a halt to this scenario. The fight against poverty can be won when women are capacitated to generate income for themselves and their families are provided with equal access to resources in doing so.

source : http://pcw.gov.ph/focus-areas/womens-economic-empowerment



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