What do you seek? Where are you staying? Why are you so afraid?”

These were some of the questions that lay mission partners, together with the RGS sisters, families, alumni, and friends reflected on in the Lenten Recollection held at the Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium, St. Bridget College, Batangas City, March 8, 2024.

In the sessions which centered on the topic, “Questions of My Life”, Rev. Fr. Rodolfo Vicente ‘Dan’ Cancino, Jr., MI, retreat facilitator, encouraged the participants to engage in a journey of deep reflection and healing.

“A personal encounter with God engenders a journey of faith and discipleship,” he shared.

Fr. Dan also pointed out that it signifies continuously seeking, encountering, and following Jesus.

“The life of faith consists in the wish to abide in the Lord, and thus in a continuing search for the place where he lives,” he expounded.

Moreover, focusing on the search for the meaning of life, he explained logotherapy and its principles including the freedom of will, the meaning of life, and the will to meaning.

He added that finding meaning may be realized through “creating or accomplishing something, experiencing something or loving someone fully as well as having an inescapable attitude toward inescapable adversity.”

The participants also engaged in reflection time as they pondered on the question about one’s personal encounter with God’s mercy.

After the recollection, participants joined the celebration of the Holy Eucharist which dwelt on the theme, “Babalik ka rin.”

In his homily, Fr. Cancino emphasized love and relationship as two important terms pertaining to God.

According to him, “Love is a decision, an act of will, not a feeling; and every love is an invitation to an authentic relationship.”

With the Lenten season as a time for reflection and repentance for sin, other participants also received the sacrament of reconciliation as part of the said spiritual activity.

By: Dr. Imelda B. Vergara
Institutional Research, Planning, and Publications Officer