In the spirit of fostering a deeper connection among Catholic schools, the annual Lipa Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Association (LIDICSA) event emerged as a beacon of unity and spiritual growth, November 24, 2023 at De La Salle Lipa. The gathering transcends academic discussions to create a unique space where educators, students, and administrators come together to celebrate their shared faith, values, and commitment to a God-centered education.

LIDICSA kicked off with a celebration of the Holy Mass that sets the tone for the entire event. Participants joined in communal prayer, reflecting on the mission of Catholic education and seeking guidance from a higher source. This sacred beginning established the God-centered atmosphere that permeates every aspect of the gathering.

The essence of LIDICSA lies in its dedication to reinforcing the spiritual foundation of Catholic education. It serves as a testament to the belief that schools are not merely institutions for imparting knowledge but are, fundamentally, communities centered around God’s teachings. The event unfolds as a tapestry of prayer, reflection, and collaboration, emphasizing the integral role of faith in shaping the educational journey.

As the curtains closed on LIDICSA event, participants carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and a strengthened commitment to providing a God-centered education.

The gathering showed the enduring strength of Catholic schools united by a common faith, striving to mold compassionate, knowledgeable, and spiritually grounded individuals who, in turn, contribute positively to the world.

It also exemplified the belief that education, when rooted in God’s love, becomes a transformative journey that transcends the boundaries of the classroom.