As an annual tradition, the blue gates once again showed condemnation of abuses experienced by women and children by celebrating the 18-day campaign Anti-Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) from November 25 until December 12.

In line with the national theme of the movement, “United for A VAW-Free Philippines,” St. Bridget College Senior High School level advocated for the right and just treatment of women and children by participating in the parade and community dancing as a kick-off activity for the said movement. Wearing any orange clothing, with orange being a symbol of hope and solidarity in eliminating all forms of violence.

In addition to these, as partakers of the said campaign the level conducted a prayer service each day which is intended for the betterment of the conditions of those who are oppressed. Furthermore, an advocacy video spearheaded by the Senior High Executive Envoy Panel (SHEEP) was released in which students from different departments shared their take on the topic of violence against women and children with the hope of serving as the voice of those oppressed.

“In all honesty, having this kind of activity does not surprise me anymore as our institution has proven itself as an advocate for women’s and children’s rights. Every year, the Anti-VAWC campaign was done which just shows why we have women in our congregational thrust. This campaign against VAWC serves as an eye-opener for many students with regard to the injustices that the members of the youth and women were and are still experiencing even up to this date. Truly, this campaign amplifies the voice of the afflicted and victims of abuse and spreads awareness on the unfortunate truth of our society and makes you realize how powerful your voice can be if you help and speak up,” Anton Ulric Sanhi, President of STEM 8 expressed.

The 18-day campaign concluded on December 12, leaving the whole SBC community educated while having the challenge of helping the oppressed, praying for the oppressors, and taking the awareness to heart.

Anne Bernadette C. Agtay