Equipped with their wit, skills, and talents, Senior High School students at St. Bridget College exemplified greatness as they competed in the Regional Association of Science and Mathematics Educators of Philippine Private Schools (ASMEPPS) Marathon of Skills and Talents, December 10.

Competing in the Marathon of Skills and Talents, Paula Bianca Dijan, STEM 5 – Mother Divine Child Flood, ranked 1st in the News Writing English category, while Rob Jared Viceral, HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’Dowd, tailed behind as 2nd placer. Altiza Marielle Bonus of STEM 2 – Mother Dorothy O’Connor snagged 3rd place, while Ma. Kathryn Grizelda, HUMSS 2, grabbed 4th place. In the News Writing Filipino category, Bismark John Marasigan, HUMSS 2, Erica Laurice Manalo, HUMSS 1 – Mother Domitilla Larouse and Anne Bernadette Agtay, STEM 8 – Sister Mary Concepcion Conti filled the first three spots respectively.

Pauline Ryan Gayle Atienza, STEM 5, reigned champion in the Photojournalism category. Neil Andrei Puyo, STEM 9 – Sister Mary Virginia Gonzaga, and Eunice Panganiban, HUMSS 2, placed 2nd and 3rd, while Danielle Raphaela Mercado of STEM 2, qualifies for nationals.

In the Science Creative Writing English category, Grade 11 students Joshua Garcia STEM 3 – Mother Cyra O’Kane and Dijan, STEM 5, tied for 5th place behind Grade 12 students Alicia Sawali, STEM 6 – Sister Mary Immaculate Concepcion Cahill ranked 3rd, while Alyzza Carylle Dimaano, ABM 2 – Sister Mary Dominica Long advanced to nationals. For the Science Creative Writing Filipino Category, Grade 12 students Yezsa Ysabelle Casas, STEM 6, placed 1st while Eunice Panganiban, HUMSS 2 placed 2nd.

In the Feature Writing English category, Emmanuel Elsonroi Ardid, HUMSS 1 –, finished 1st and Steven Cantos, STEM 1, ranked 2nd, as Avi Breindelle Ibon, HUMSS 2, snatched 4th place. In the Feature Writing Filipino category, Anika Ameu Jareño, ABM 1 – Mother Vitalis Winkler, and Chai Riz Chavez, HUMSS 1, triumphed as 2nd and 3rd placers in the competition.

In the Solo Singing contest, Aaron Cynric Regala, STEM 6, was declared champion while Frances Diane Barrola of STEM 5, ranked 4th.

In the Dance for the Environment contest, Vincent Edrian Mabilangan of STEM 9, and Chelsey Danielle Serva, HUMSS 1 ranked 1st and 2nd.

In the Drawing contest, Maxine Ileana De Villa, STEM 1, and Jherleen Kirvy Asilo, HUMSS 2, finished as champions, while Jhei Sammuel Sawali of STEM 1 placed 2nd.

In the On the Spot Poster Making contest, Angel Yessa Hernandez, STEM 1, and Ainejeanyca Wyzhlein Reña, STEM 9, won 1st place. Keithleen Carol Pita, STEM 1, and Asilo, HUMSS 2, ranked 2nd.

In the Extemporaneous Speech contest, Bismark John Marasigan of HUMSS 2, was declared champion; as Yohann Zendrix Ebora, HUMSS 1, ranked 2nd; Carmela Lanesca Berania, HUMSS 2, ranked 4th; and Ma. Christalaine Lontoc, STEM 4 – Mother Margueritte O’Keilley, ranked 5th.

Lastly, in the Sci-Modeling Competition Female category, Avril Marasigan of ABM 2, and Quisha Dionne Xanders Uy, HUMSS1, ranked 1st and 2nd respectively. In the Sci-Modelling Competition Male category, Ryndon Jian Garcia, STEM 3, ranked 2nd after Mckenzie Ongcal of STEM 7 – Sister Mary Consuelo Chuidian that ranked 3rd.

Ms. Jean Valerie Collera along with Ms. Jazel Paula Blanco and Mr. John Rey Banlasan served as the trainer and coach of the said contestants in the various categories as all 41 students powered their way and will proceed to the national level of the competition.