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Preschool education in SBC offers possibilities for children’s overall development that are fun, welcoming, and relevant to their surroundings. Children’s focus, self-control, memory, and social skills are all developed through play and developmentally appropriate activities. Collaboration between the home and the school is made to promote a nurturing, child-centered, and exciting learning environment. Children who received an SBC education felt free to explore, express themselves, learn, and develop healthy self-concepts.

Being a Catholic school ,our preschool programs focus also on character development than just producing academically great students. The pre-school curriculum seeks to prepare our children for a seamless transition of children from preschool to primary schools by offering unified strategy to promote the blossoming of each child’s intrinsic potentials in all domains of development.

We make sure your kids are K12 ready in light of current developments in our educational system and developing needs.