With a total score of 409 points, Twilight Rangers or the third year students, evolved as the College Fair Grand Champion for SY 2022-2023.

This year was no exception as they celebrated it face-to-face on December 12-16, 2023, at St. Bridget College Batangas, Gym.

Celestial Guardians, fourth year students, claimed the first runner up title while Lightborn Chevaliers, first year students, and Dragon Tamers, second year students, claimed the third and fourth runner up titles, respectively.

The theme of the event, “Immortal Heroes: Legends are born, Champions are made”, was drawn from the popular game Mobile Legends, in which the Mobile Legend skins—Lightborn Chevaliers, Dragon Tamers, Twilight Rangers, and Celestial Guardians—were featured in the titled of the four year levels.

A cheerful and spirited atmosphere pervaded the five-day celebration as Bridgetines showcased their skills in a range of competitions, including the Banner Competition, Yell and Flash Mob Competition, Tiktok Dance Competition, Mobile Legends Competition, Best Clan Representatives, Singing Competition, and the Cosplay Competition.

For the Banner Competition, the Twilight Rangers achieved the first place, while Celestial Guardians, Dragon Tamers, and Lightborn Chevaliers achieved the second, third, and fourth places respectively.

The Lightborn Chevaliers got the first place in the Yell Competition, while Celestial Guardians, Dragon tamers, and Twilight Rangers claimed the second, third, and fourth places, respectively.

Celestial Guardians championed the Flash Mob Competition, with Lightborn Chevaliers, Twilight Rangers, and Dragon Tamers as first, second, and third runner up, respectively.

The Twilight Rangers prevailed in the TikTok competition with Celestial Guardians, Dragon Tamers, and Lightborn Chevaliers claiming the second, third, and fourth places, respectively.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Competition was dominated by the Twilight Rangers, followed by the Lightborn Chevaliers, Dragon Tamers, and Celestial Guardians.

The best clan representatives, hailing from the Lightborn Chevaliers, Sevvy Zarah Villapando and Sarah Jean De Leon, were also awarded.

For the cultural competitions, Lizalyn Libot and her team from Twilight Rangers snatched the first place in the Cosplay Competition, with Jessa Mae Macatangay, Sarah Jean De Leon, and Jessa Amor Cueto, as second, third, and fourth placers.

The Lightborn Chevaliers dominated the Singing Competition as Shariel Kimberly Catapang won the first place, Bea Lorraine Blanco of Celestial Guardians claiming the second place, and Nhicole Aquino of the Twilight Rangers winning third place.

Additionally, Bridgetines have shown their love for sports by taking part in activities such as basketball and volleyball for both men and women, badminton, parlor games, tug of war, a caterpillar with a balloon, and balloon relay.

For the ball games, Twilight Rangers were hailed as champion for basketball men, while Dragon Tamers won in the women category.

Celestial Guardians secured the first place in volleyball men, while Twilight Rangers triumphed in the women category.

For chess, the Twilight Rangers prevailed in both categories, with Earl Martin Alfonso Pilar and Nicolle Irish Aguilar as representatives.

Twilight Rangers also ruled the categories badminton men and badminton women with Marc Aedrian Garcia and Angela Pangilinan as representatives.

Table tennis men was conquered by Amdry Martin Catapang from the Dragon Tamers, while the women category was dominated by Angela Pangilinan from Twilight Rangers.

Lightborn Chevaliers triumphed in the tug of war, while Celestial Guardians won in the caterpillar with balloon and balloon relay.

To heighten the excitement on the opening day, a parade representing the team banner and their enlivening cheer was conducted along the college campus.

It was followed by the production number ot the TALA members under the direction of Mr. John Jeffrey Mendoza and the remarkable lighting of the torch, which represented unity and celebrated a shared message of sportsmanship, led by Marc Aedrian Garcia.

The event kicked of with the encouraging message of Sr. Ma. Ananita Borbon while Dr. Amor Borbon’s closing remarks brought it to success.

The students, teachers, and staff then took part in the solidarity dance.

As winners received certificates and medals, the victory was achieved.

by Jhoanna Marie Vergara and Efren Rem Festijo, BSED 4