With the theme, “SRF 2024: Embracing opportunities. Establishing connections. Igniting innovations,“ the Institutional Research, Planning and Publications Office (IRPPO) conducted Student Research Forum at Sr. Clare Morrissey Hall, St. Bridget College, Batangas City, January 24, 2024.

In the keynote speech that Dr. Imelda M. Flores, research coordinator of Batangas State University, delivered during the event, she emphasized that embracing opportunities allows one to pursue interests, learn something new, hone problem-solving skills, and challenge oneself in new ways.

According to her, establishing connections involves fostering collaboration within the research community while igniting innovations entails embracing and leveraging advancements to stay competitive, adaptive to change, and capable of making a positive impact on society.

The relevance and interconnectedness among the opportunities, connections, and innovations highlighted in the theme were also emphasized in the welcome message that Sr. Ma. Añanita Borbon, RGS, PhD, college president, delivered during the event.

In the concurrent sessions, 28 groups with 125 students presented their research studies.

Included in the first group were the Senior High School Students in which four groups of presenters shared their research proposals. Together with them in Rm. 101 SJE were the 7 groups of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student researchers who presented their feasibility studies.

Five groups of Bachelor of Science in Social Work students, two groups of Bachelor of Physical Education students, and two groups of Bachelor of Information Technology students comprised the second group of presenters in the research presentation at Sr. Clare Morrisey Hall.

The third group was composed of five groups of Bachelor in Elementary Education students and three groups of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English.

The winners of the Best Group Presenter award from the first group were Matthew Renz Venedict A. Hernandez, Sofia Therese B. Mendoza, Karl Warren T. Ramos, and Francine Nicole A. Villena with research proposal titled “Hand Sanitizer Made from Wasted Scales of Bangus and Nile Tilapia” as well as Johanz Mathew M. Alvarez, Gian Kyneth M. Castor, Renz Ivan C. Lumanglas, James Vincent S. Mangampat, and Kirby Troy A. Masilang with research proposal titled “Eco-Leather from Jackfruit Peel” won the Best Group Presenter Award.


On the other hand, Best Group Presenter awardees from the Group 2 were Trisha C. Ante, Trixie Andrea A. Castillo, Qeen Anny C. Dela Cruz, Ahngel D.C. Javier, and Ray Ryan Realie A. Umali with research titled “Determinants of Reading Motivation Among Key Stage of Public Schools Basis for Reading Intervention Plan” as well as Mary Aibygail R. Bendicio, Katrina Angela L. Cruzat, Lizalyn D. Libot, and Charles Darwin B. Sumalpong with research titled “English Language Fluency in Public and Private High Schools”.


In the third group, Christine L. Gonzales, Angela Rose C. Manalo, Rose A. Pana, and Marcelina J. Tejeresas with research titled “Experiences of Junior High School Students in Learning MAPEH in Various Instructional Modalities” and Karlene Michaella D. Fermo, Chinno Jiro N. Gonito, Khia Marie A. Madarang, Jefferson R. Magbuhat, and Kian Carlo D. Villanueva with capstone research titled “SBC Connect: A Web-Based School Activities System”.

On the other hand, the research works, “SBC Connect: A Web-Based School Actives System”, “BULAK AIMS: A Web-Based Automated Inventory Management System using Multimodal AIDC Technologies”, “Determinants of Reading Motivation Among Key Stage of Public Schools: Basis for Reading Intervention Plan”, “English Language Fluency in Public and Private High Schools”, “The Establishment of Baking Kingdom in Pallocan West, Batangas City” and “The Establishment of GentleMEN Salon at Pallocan West, Batangas City” were awarded Best Research.

The works titled “Eco-Leather from Jackfruit Peel” and “Hand Sanitizer Made from Wasted Scales of Bangus and Nile Tilapia” garnered the Best Proposal Award.

Awardees of the Best Presenter Award were Rhea Pe F. Bayeta, Angelica Joyce D. Hernandez, Ahngel Javier, Janelle Aguila, Anika Ameu O. Jareño, and Freancy Raven Hernandez.

Another highlight of the program was the presentation of the Faculty and Student Publications namely Luceat Vol. X Issue 1 and Journal of Abstracts, respectively.

In the presentation, Dr. Imelda Vergara, Institutional Research, Planning and Publications Officer, emphasized the significance of completing the research process which includes production, dissemination, and utilization.

She added that the second issue of the Journal of Abstracts of students will feature the works of the student presenters in SRF 2024.

Meanwhile, to provide a concrete proof of their engagement in the research dissemination process, faculty contributors of the Luceat Faculty Journal were awarded Certificate of Publication during the event.

In her closing message, Dr. Amor L. Borbon, college dean, states that the Student Research Forum has been very productive and successful for the motivation it has given for all the participants to further engage in research activities.

She also expressed her hope for the spirit of embracing opportunities, creating connections, and igniting innovations to continue driving everyone’s passion for research, leading to even greater accomplishments in the future.

Students taking Research classes, as well as administrators and faculty from the Senior High School and College departments, also attended the event.

By: Dr. Imelda B. Vergara,
Institutional Research, Planning and Publications Officer