To liven up the spirits of the students before the holiday break officially begins, the Senior High School Level went all in with the celebration of the Sports and Cultural Festival with the theme: “Straw Hats Seniors: The Quest for One Arc,” an event lasting for four days: December 12, 13, 15, and 18.

For this year’s Sports and Cultural Festival, six teams with combined sections of Grade 11 and Grade 12 paraded around the campus: Chunky Chopper (ABM 2 – Sr. Mary Dominica Long & STEM 4 – Mo. Marguerite O’Keilley), Limitless Luffy (STEM 7 – Sr. Mary Consuelo Chuidian & STEM 1 – Mo. Constance Phelan), Rising Nami (STEM 8 – Sr. Mary Concepcion Conti & STEM 2 – Mo. Dorothy O’Connor), Sizzling Sanji (STEM 6 – Sr. Mary Immaculate Concepcion Cahill & ABM 1 – Mo. Vitalis Winkler), Astounding Usopp (STEM 10 – Sr. Mary Lelia Hayes & STEM 3 – Mo. Cyra O’Kane), and Zaddy Zoro (STEM 9 – Sr. Mary Virginia Gonzaga,  HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’Dowd, & HUMSS 1 – Mother Domitilla Larouse).

Moreover, members of the SBC Performing Arts Office (SBC-PAO) performed the doxology and an intermission performance, whereas the Institutional Culture and Arts Program (ICAP) led the singing of the national anthem.

To formally begin the event, Dr. Dolores Borras, Senior High School principal declared the opening of the Sports and Cultural Festival 2023.

Nestor Philipe Kapirig III (STEM 10 – Sr. Mary Lelia Hayes) took the lead in lighting of torch together with other varsity players: Keith Isaiah Plata (STEM 4 – Mo. Marguerite O’Keilley), Rigel Ken Aguado (STEM 1 – Mo. Constance Phelan), Sam Angelo Pabito (STEM 6 – Sr. Mary Immaculate Concepcion Cahill), Steve Dirk Dinglasan (STEM 9 – Sr. Mary Virginia Gonzaga), and Jose Marco Felipe Cabagyo (STEM 10 – Sr. Mary Lelia Hayes). 

Gean Eishiane Krystel Macuha (HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’Dowd) led the recitation of the Oath of Sportsmanship. 

Combining both scores in cultural and sports events, team Zaddy Zoro left no crumbs as they became the overall champion for the S.Y. 2023-2024 Sports and Cultural Event. 

For the cultural events following the first day of the Sports and Cultural Festival week, Sizzling Sanji topped the competition as they placed 1st, followed by Astounding Usopp in 2nd place, and Rising Nami in 3rd place in the Banner Making contest.

In the Modern Dance competition, Zaddy Zoro claimed the title for 1st place, as Sizzling Sanji and Astounding Usopp won 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

For the 2nd day of cultural events, in the Interpretative Dance competition, Zaddy Zoro was again announced as champion, followed by Sizzling Sanji ranking 2nd, and Astounding Usopp, ranking 3rd. 

On the other hand, Chunky Chopper reigned as the champion in Creative Folk dance, with Rising Nami taking 2nd place and Astounding Usopp taking 3rd place. 

On the 3rd day of the cultural events, Astounding Usopp took the 1st place title in the Himigsikan competition, a new addition to the cultural events, followed by Rising Nami in 2nd place and Zaddy Zoro in 3rd place. 

For the Battle of the Bands, Astounding Usopp once again triumphed as the champion, as Sizzling Sanji ranked 2nd place, and Rising Nami ranked 3rd place. 

For the sports events, Astounding Usopp won 1st place in Chess Boys, followed by Zaddy Zoro in 2nd place, and Sizzling Sanji in 3rd place. 

For Chess girls, Chunky Chopper took the lead as champion, with Astounding Usopp and Zaddy Zoro taking 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. 

In Badminton Boys, Zaddy Zoro took home the Gold, Astounding Usopp for Silver, and Chunky Chopper for Bronze. 

Chunky Chopper snatched gold in Badminton Girls, with Limitless Luffy and Zaddy Zoro grabbing Silver and Bronze, respectively. 

In Table Tennis Boys, Chunky Chopper reigned as champion, Limitless Luffy in 2nd place, and Sizzling Sanji in 3rd place. 

In Table Tennis Girls, Astounding Usopp was declared champion, followed by Limitless Luffy for 2nd place, and Sizzling Sanji for 3rd place. 

For the Valorant tournament, Sizzling Sanji garnered 1st place, with Limitless Luffy and Rising Nami ranking 2nd and 3rd places, with Jacob Celemin being hailed as Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP).

For the Mobile Legends (ML) Tournament, Rising Nami finished the battle in 1st place, Limitless Luffy in 2nd place, and Chunky Chopper in 3rd place, with Gerard John Catral being the Finals Most Valuable Player.

In Basketball Boys, Rising Nami was declared champion, with Zaddy Zoro and Astounding Usopp in 2nd and 3rd places.

Samuel Abrenica, Gavrie Cajilig, Marion Berberabe, Alexander Miguel Caraig, and Paulino Medrano claimed the title of Mythical Five; Paulino Medrano was the MVP for this event. 

In Basketball Girls, Astounding Usopp snatched the gold medal, with Sizzling Sanji and Limitless Luffy snatching 2nd and 3rd place. 

Precious Aira Menia, Fianeloe Cruzat, Diana Cabrera, Karel Duag, and Carlene Arellano claimed the title of Mythical Five; Joeanie Balmes was the MVP for this event. 

In Volleyball Boys, Zaddy Zoro was awarded as champion, with Rising Nami and Limitless Luffy ranking 2nd and 3rd, respectively. 

Gabriel Peter Alvarez, Arvin Matthew Panganiban, Vince Andrei Beltran, John Albert Rabano, Denzel Atienza, and Jon Godwin Nathaniel Abejero declared the title of Mythical Six; Renz Ivan Lumanglas was the MVP for this event.

In Volleyball Girls, Zaddy Zoro took the top, garnering 1st place, with Sizzling Sanji for 2nd place and Limitless Luffy for 3rd place. 

Jia Aguilos, Diana Cabrera, Ryene Sabel Kalalo, Ma. Angelica Hernandez, Samantha Janelle Quizon, and Irenn Chariz Ramirez declared the title of Mythical Six; Ryene Sabel Kalalo was the MVP for this event.

This school years’ Sports and Cultural Festival also introduced the addition of a new cultural competition– the Himigsikan, where students formed their own choral groups to perform their own acapella rendition of Christmas songs. 

The last day of the Sports and Cultural event ended with an after-party where the students took their time to dance their favorite songs and trends.

Isabelle Contreras, Cheyenne Shiloh Cruz, Paula Bianca Dijan