In line with the commemoration of Women’s Month, the JCI Caballero – Batangas Chapter in partnership with the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) Strand of the Senior High School Level of St. Bridget College launches a women empowerment face-to-face seminar held at Morrissey Hall, March 21.

Aligned to its title, “To empower, To embrace: A Women Empowerment Seminar”, three women speakers of different expertise shared their journeys and experiences on how they conquered life problems and steps on how they got to where they are now.

Highlighting her strategies and tips for young women regarding future, family and business, Mrs. Pauline Bondad, owner of Silver Peak Group of Companies, the corporation that owns Bo’s Coffee, Butch, Ineng’s, Hungry Hippo and several branches of Shakey’s started the three-part seminar.

Alam ko po na karamihan ay gustong magtrabaho sa ibang bansa pero sinasabi ko po sa inyo, mas masarap magtrabaho sa sariling bayan at saka ‘wag niyong madaliin ang pag-aasawa,” the businesswoman emphasized.

She also drew attention to how she balanced her time as a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter and her time as a business and franchise owner.

Following Mrs. Bondad is a current part-time teacher in the ABM strand teaching Business Ethics, Mrs. Darlen Perculeza-Almario, owner of Eats and Treats, a food chain that mainly provides pastas and pastries.

She mentioned in her discussion how her condition, psoriasis, has given her doubts about her abilities and hindrances on her way to success since it took a toll on her may it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual aspect.

“Akala ko talaga having psoriasis will be the end of me and my career but luckily, thanks to God, I was able to somehow heal and let my skin subside allowing me to let my light shine which I aspire you to do,” Mrs. Almario stated.

Lastly, Atty. Alyssa Rene Cruz-Atienza, a lawyer and the current Vice Mayor of the City of Batangas pointed out her three most important values that women should possess – tenacity, humility and curiosity.

As to what she said, these traits all came from the moment she started juggling all responsibilities as a law student and a public servant.

According to Krysta D. Ilustre, a grade 12 student of ABM 2 – Sr. Mary Dominica Long, “I was very decided on what type of family woman I ought to become as a wife and mother if destiny permits. Given the extensive backgrounds the speakers uphold, I would still stay true to the values I have absorbed throughout the years. Being submissive is highly out of character for me, and everyone who truly knows Krysta Ilustre will agree. Other than that portion of the talk, I do feel a sense of enlightenment with what we women and men are entitled to. These types of activities help diminish the stigma that women empowerment strives from the downfall of men; however, the patriarchy is the enemy.”

Strand officers and Mrs. Filipina D. Macaraeg, ABM strand coordinator were recognized for helping JCI in launching the program which concluded with the awarding of certificates of recognition for the speakers and handling of tokens to the three empowered women who shared their notion and knowledge regarding the importance of standing up in the society as women.

Bismark John Marasigan