To embark on a new leap of faith, Grade 10 students gathered for a “Live in Christ” seminar spearheaded by the CLVE Department, in partnership with the Live Share Christ Organization at Morrissey Hall, September 1.

As the first Formation Friday started, the seminar was given to uplift the Christian faith and values of the JHS seniors. It began with the opening remarks of Mrs. Tessa Marie Dulay, CLVE 10 teacher.

Some invited speakers from the said organization were present such as Gio Arevalo, Kate Eje, Michael Clanor, Carrie Buenafe, Holy Baguio, Ashley Tolopia, Maria Velasquez, Mark Dimalibot, and Renee Dolor. They shared some ways on how to improve one’s holistic development.

Mielle Margarette Q. Mayo, 10 – Compassion and Maria Heleina C. Pineda, 10 – Courage, both expressed their astonishment with regard to the said seminar.

“It changed my life in a very subtle but still noticeable way. I noticed that I’m now calmer and I accept myself and even my flaws.”, Mayo mentioned.

“This seminar gave me a sense of comfort since the beginning – from the silence, sharing of experiences, prayers, until the singing of the Worship songs. I would say it was a very fun and heartfelt experience.”, Pineda said. 

The seminar ended with a jam-packed learning which will help the students surpass such adversities. 

By: Kenzo M. Merhan