To evaluate the existing Religious and Values Education as well as Sports Development programs, select administrators and faculty of St. Bridget College participated in the Program Assessment Sessions at the Mary Dominica Hall, St. Bridget College, Batangas City, November 2023.

Sixteen (16) Religious and Values Education Teachers attended the RVETs Assessment Session on November 10, 2023.

Using the Salamat-Sana-Kaya and Taya Framework, Sr. Ma. Añanita Borbon, RGS PhD, college president, facilitated the session which focused on identifying concrete experiences of SALAMAT and SANA.

It highlighted identifying possibilities to enhance the programs through KAYA for a more effective Catholic education.

Moreover, it featured expressing commitment using “TAYA” in ensuring that the school is witnessing to its identity as Catholic educational institution.

Part of the session was symbolic looking back in which participants selected an object representing themselves as Religion and Values Education faculty.

In the “Salamat” session that was conducted, RVETs pointed out that they are thankful for the opportunity to be part of the institution and for the activities that have brought impact to their personal lives.

In the “Sana” session, they identified the spiritual activities conducted in the institution and categorized them as Dimensions of Faith, particularly Doctrine, Morals, and Worship.

Among the activities identified under Doctrine were Mission Development Program, Curriculum / Academic Programs in Religion, and Faith Formation of Students and Teachers.

For Morals, the activities included were Witnessing and Outreach Program while in the dimension of Worship, sacramental and prayer life as well as celebrations were pointed out.

Hopes and wishes for the institution were identified and shared during the session.

The participants also formulated statement indicating the commitment of the institution which focuses on being true to its mission in accordance to the mission of the Catholic church.

Meanwhile, emphasizing the goal to strengthen the Sports Development Program of the institution, eighteen (18) administrators and faculty joined the assessment session on Sports Development at the Dominica Hall, St. Bridget College, Batangas City, November 20, 2023.

In the symbolic looking back, the participants shared and reflected on their experiences in the Sports Program of the institution. Their sharing centered on key terms namely management, support, and potential.

Relevant to their sana’s, the group expressed their hopes which included evaluation of Sports Program, clarifying organizational structure, rebranding, other sources of funds, upgrading of facilities and equipment, training of trainers and athletes, academic consultation of athletes as well as recognition of athletes.

During the session, they also shared their commitment to show unity as one family for the sports program of the institution and be responsive and aggressive to change.

At the end of the session, the participants agreed that another session will be scheduled to plan out the concrete steps to undertake to move forward for the betterment of the sports program of the institution.