Coliyat Swims His Way to an International Competition

Shaimond Coliyat, a 15-year old Bridgetine and swimmer, is one of the 99 representatives of the Philippines for the 44th Southeast Asian Age Group Swimming Championship, December 17-19, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This fellow Bridgetine paved his way to the said competition which is actually the first step leading to SEA Games.

He began his athletic journey at the age of seven. According to him, he willingly engaged himself to swimming due to his asthma which eventually got cured apart from the reason that he finds swimming and the pool amusing.

When asked about how he feels regarding the competition, he said that he can’t contain his excitement and worry at the same time since it is his first time to partake in a competition as huge as this. He also added, “You never know what will happen”.

Coliyat expressed his gratitude to everyone especially to his family who showed support on his growing passion for swimming. When asked about some inspiring words for young people in the same sports, he said, “The only advise that I can think of is to always do your best and create a mindset that can help not only yourself but also the people that surround you. Never lose hope and continue doing what you know is best.”