With the goal of introducing students to the Hangeul or Korean alphabet and culture, St. Bridget College Senior High School students attended Ala Eh, Annyeonghaseyo! Ateneo Korea 101 Lab: Hangeul Workshop at the SBC-SHS Building, December 6.

Led by esteemed Ateneo De Manila University lecturers: Aurea Javier, MPP LPT, Ma. Kristina Carla Rico, MA, Sun Jung Woo, PhD, and Jeremiah Magoncia, MA, fun and entertaining sessions were facilitated.

Commencing with warm greetings, the workshop delved into the Hangeul alphabet’s background, providing a guide for students on vowel and consonant basics.

Lecturers maintained interest with interactive sessions on reading, writing, and Korean self-introductions.

Discussions took a lively turn with icebreakers, including song and dance activities, showcasing dynamic Korean culture, as well as a Filipino touch with the inclusion of the traditional game “Sipa” in the sessions.

A workshop highlight included singing Korean nursery rhymes, infusing a musical element into the language learning experience.

Students actively engaged in a group activity practicing Hangeul writing, enhancing their alphabet comprehension.

 Lecturers emphasized that the primary goal wasn’t memorization but deriving enjoyment from the learning process.

 Sun Jung Woo, PhD, stated, “It doesn’t matter if you didn’t remember; what matters is that you enjoyed and will continue to enjoy learning. See you in Korea!”

The Hangeul Workshop provided valuable insights into the Korean language, fostering cultural appreciation and enjoyment among students.

St. Bridget College maintains its commitment to creating dynamic learning experiences through such helpful and informative sessions.

by Suzette Manalo