Reflecting the institutional commitment to environmental sustainability, St. Bridget College administrators, faculty, staff, and student representatives conducted Campus-Wide Ecological Clean-Up Day, September 25, 2023.

The initiative aimed to encourage responsible stewardship for the physical plant, campus grounds, stock rooms, and all areas in the campus that need to be cleaned.

The clean-up activity was also conducted as part of the contribution of the institution to the celebration of the Season of Creation month which begins on September 1 and ends on October 4.

In the communication that Mrs. Julietta Macalalad, Campus Services and External Relations Officer (CSERO), sent to the employees, she encouraged everyone to actively participate in the event as it does not only foster a sense of community but also showcases commitment to environmental responsibility.

In addition, she encouraged the entire community to join in the activity and make an impact in the school cleanliness and environmental care.

Strengthening the sense of community, the faculty and staff in the departments took their lunch in a boodle fight in the designated areas in the campus.

By: Dr. Imelda B. Vergara
IRPP Officer