SHEEP election collated photos

In light of the beginning of the new school year, a set of students had been hailed as the newly elected officers of the Senior High Executive Envoy Panel (SHEEP), as the election led by students who acted as the Board of Canvassers took place on August 30.

The school year’s election became the first election facilitated by students, one from each section as the Board of Canvassers.

With the help of said students and guidance of the new Senior High Prefect of Discipline and SHEEP Moderator, Mr. Isidro Pelingon, a simulation of an actual national election took place where students cast their votes in ballot boxes within their designated precincts.

Winners of the elections were revealed the same day of the voting but official introduction of the new SHEEP officers commenced on the first monthly assembly of September as Mr. Pelingon called the winners onto the stage.

Emmanuel Elsonroi Ardid, HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’ Dowd, was declared the new SHEEP President, whereas Zoe Eroa, STEM 2 – Mo. Dorothy O’ Connor, is the new Vice President. Theresa Jasmine Amo, HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’ Dowd, took the position of Secretary and Chai Riz Chavez, HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’ Dowd, won the position of Treasurer.

Alyssa Ashley Aguilera, ABM 2, is the new Auditor, while Marc Angelo Acuzar, STEM 1 – Mo. Constance Phelan, won the position of Public Information Officer. For the grade level representatives, Vienessa Joy Ardid, STEM 2 – Mo. Dorothy O’ Connor, and Jon Godwin Abejero, STEM 7 – Sr. Mary Consuelo Chiudian, won for Grade 11 and Grade 12, respectively.

Two party lists, the Dreamhouse and Believe, as well as independent candidates, persevered during the campaign period and Miting de Avance held on August 24 and 25. Emmanuel Elsonroi Ardid and Yohann Zedrix Ebora, HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’ Dowd, led the two parties as they both challenged for the position of the SHEEP President which Emman won in the end.

Other candidates that campaigned for the SHEEP elections include, Mace Joice Gutierez, HUMSS 1 – Mo. Domitilla Larousse; Edrielle Cueto, STEM 2 – Mo. Dorothy O’ Connor; Jaybee Masongsong, ABM 1 – Mo. Vitalis Winkler; Isabelle Celine Contreras, STEM 4 – Mo. Margueritte O’ Keilley; Danea Kristin Mortera, ABM 1 – Mo. Vitalis Winkler; Rein Cunag, STEM 1 – Mo. Constance Phelan; Trixi Acorda, HUMSS 1 – Mo. Domitilla Larousse; Leila Babasa, HUMSS 1 – Mo. Domitilla Larousse; and Hannah Gilera, STEM 1 – Mo. Constance Phelan.

Paula Bianca A. Dijan
Lumière, Editor-In-Chief