To help students carve their way into the society through their careers, a session attended by Grade 10, Senior High School, and College was held at the Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium, September 20.

This once-in-a-lifetime activity was graced by the presence of their resource person, Mr. Noel Teehankee, a filmmaker of some renowned Philippine films, such as “Four Sisters and a Wedding”, “The Hows of Us”, “A Second Chance”, and “My Ex and Whys”. The vast majority of the students were avid fans of his blockbuster films which made him easily be recognized. 

During the talk, Mr. Teehankee emphasized the importance of students following their passions and aspirations. “The grass is always greener on the other side,” as he stated. Moreover, he shared his journey as a cinematographer and gave advice on pursuing one’s chosen path, regardless of the circumstances.

The students were given the privilege to ask questions and some tips about various concepts in line with the framework of cinematography, the media industry, and filmmaking.

Anthony Niño Delos Reyes, an aspiring cinematographer from the Senior High School department, expressed his concern over his dreams of pursuing cinematography.

“It was overwhelming because filming used to just be a hobby for me then I auditioned for PAO which helped me realize my passion for the arts. I was very excited that I was given the opportunity to talk and be given advice from a professional in the field of filming.”, he mentioned.

In return, Mr. Teehankee offered his social media account to connect and personally guide the said aspirant. 

Lastly, the session ended not only with a lasting and profound impression but with lifelong lessons from the guest speaker. 

By: KC Loraine M. Barro